Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) Wireless Network Problems and Solutions


image Have you installed the Vodafone Mobile Connect software and seen problems with it not getting DHCP addresses via the laptops Wireless NIC?

We’ve seen it on a few laptops and it is completely random. I had two laptops of exact same configuration and found that the problem existed on one 100% of the time and not at all on the other laptop – even though they were setup side by side identically. One of the guys in our office spent some time digging into it as we had it randomly causing problems on some client laptops. He came up with the following solution.

First off grab the software from this URL. The current version is, but I’ve been running the since November 2007 without a problem. (You can get from here if you want)

When you install it, choose Custom Install.

You DO NOT want to install the Wireless Control Software or select the box to enable Optimisation.  For us this combination has been 100% successful and is now our standard deployment method.


Hmm – I just ran through the install of the latest software to grab the screenshot above. Aside from the screenshot above, it didn’t give me a chance to choose NOT to install the Wireless Components which were present in the build.  So far so good – it’s working for me.

Published: 31/07/2008 2:20 PM

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