Planes, Helicopters and Geeks

Body: Well – it’s the final day here at the Microsoft Australian Partner Conference and there has been a lot of interest in the new versions of SBS 2008 and the new EBS 2008 due out on November 12th. As one of the fun things for the event, Robbie and I are running a stand on Windows Essential Server Solutions and as part of that we’ve got a paper airplane competition running.  The task – simple… make a paper airplane out of the entry form and then fly it the longest distance.  Early competition had distances of 5 meters as … Continue reading Planes, Helicopters and Geeks

Thank you Steve Cooper!

Body: Steve Cooper is the local Aussie Director for PSS, and for years I’ve been berating… err suggesting to him that here needs to be a better way for us to get a hotfix than to call Microsoft all the time. Well there is – and has been for some time and now they are making it even easier to get hotfixes.  When you check out an MS KB article now, such as the one below you will see that they have changed the format of them. You will see that they will now allow you to request to get … Continue reading Thank you Steve Cooper!

Exchange 2003 mail getting lost???

Body: I’ve had an ongoing scenario on my SBS 2003 server that I’ve never fully investigated in which mail to some yahoogroups gets "lost". You check the SMTP queues and it’s not there so you believe it’s gone out.  Then later when you reboot your server, it suddenly appears!!!  apparently if you restart your Exchange Information Store or the SMTP service it will also reappear.  Henry Craven discovered this little KB that was released last week which sounds just like the problem that I’ve been having – Thanks Henry – I’ll try it out and see how it goes! Category: … Continue reading Exchange 2003 mail getting lost???