Small Business Marketing Unleashed – Review

Body: The Grand Poobar of Search Engine Guide – Jennifer Laycock has posted a summary of the recent Small Business Marketing Unleashed event in Columbus, Ohio.  Now her view might well be biased by the fact that she was the key person responsible for the event, or it might well be reflective of the others that attended the event. Talking to the many that were present at the event, I believe it’s the later 🙂  At any rate, I’ll be watching out for the dates for the next event in April and hoping it lines up REAL close with … Continue reading Small Business Marketing Unleashed – Review

SBS 2008 Deep Dive Training

Body: I’m here in the USA being put through the paces of the internal Microsoft PSS SBS 2008 training course. It’s the first day and I’ve been sitting here for nearly 4 hours now and we’ve not even gotten through the setup process. I feel that I know far more about setup now than I am likely to ever remember – thank goodness for OneNote and it’s Video Note ability to record from my webcam 🙂 My point though is that this is really DEEEEPPPP dive training. And in all honesty I do not believe that the majority of resellers … Continue reading SBS 2008 Deep Dive Training

How to make friends and influence people

Body: Today is Wednesday here in Columbus, Ohio, and I’m sitting here by the pool doing some work after the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference wrapped up last night. This is the second time I’ve been to this event, the last time was in Houston in April this year. I decided to come back to attend the event a second time round as I really felt like I had missed out on a lot of content the first time round. Typical of most events, there were multiple streams and as always you can not be in both streams at once … Continue reading How to make friends and influence people

I’m on my way….

Body: In a few moments, I board my first of three flights today to get from Sydney, Australia through to Columbus, Ohio.  This is the start of a 3 week trip in which I’ll be attending 2 conferences and 2 weeks of solid long day training on the new SBS and EBS products.  I’m in Ohio for the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference and I’m really looking forward to catch up with the people I met earlier this year and also to learn even more about how we can promote / market our business online.  Then next Thursday, I fly … Continue reading I’m on my way….

I know Vista is slow but….

Body: Picture says a thousand words… Published: 16/09/2008 2:51 PM Attachments:

SBS2008 Domain Name Wizard Options

Body: SBS 2008 has the ability to automate some of the things that often got customers tied up in knots. One of these is the purchase and management of their public domain name.  SBS 2008 allows you via the wizard to purchase and manage a domain name from one of currently three domain name registrars. In terms of management of the domain name, it will configure the required DNS records to point to your SBS 2008 server and utilise the inbuilt SBS 2008 Dynamic DNS client to keep the records up to date even if you have a dynamic IP … Continue reading SBS2008 Domain Name Wizard Options

Brown… Derek Brown… shaken, not stirred..

Body: A little like James Bond in his demeanour, Derek Brown has worked for Microsoft for many years, with stints running the Windows Mobile team, then in 2004 the SBS team and then after that Microsoft Thailand. Derek has always had a focus on community and we here in Sydney were fortunate to have him come along to a user group meeting many moons ago now.  Well – I’m happy to say that Derek is coming back to the fold. He’s bringing his unique experience in marketing to the SBSC / SMB market space and I for one am lining … Continue reading Brown… Derek Brown… shaken, not stirred..

GFi WebMonitor causes AV updates to stop

Body: I’ve got a larger non SBS site and we discovered that a recent upgrade to GFI WebMonitor caused the AV updates to randomly stop to the servers. The site uses Trend Micro’s OfficeScan product and we were experiencing an error message during the update cycle that suggested that the AV pattern file updates were corrupt.  We traced it back to the GFi WebMonitor software which was intercepting all downloads including the AV Pattern File updates.  To solve the problem simply add * to the Whitelist in the GFI console and Save Settings.  Now things work once more. Category: Software … Continue reading GFi WebMonitor causes AV updates to stop

Hyper-V Virtualisation Announcements

Body: Ok – so it’s been a busy day for Microsoft today around the Hyper-V announcements being made here and the launch of a new section of the website here. I know that the SBS and EBS teams are very close now to officially releasing their supported configurations and best practice guides. Here in Australia uptake on Virtualisation is double that of the USA so it will be interesting to see how this all pans out over the coming 12 months.  Stay tuned for the official SBS and EBS supported solutions Published: 9/09/2008 11:47 PM

Susan Bradley for President 08

Body: Well – as if she did not have enough time on her hands… Susan Bradley is now running for president of the USA – Check it out here 🙂 She has my vote 😉 I’d love to see how she tackle patch management of the US infrastructure single handedly 🙂 Published: 9/09/2008 12:31 AM