Posse, Posse, Posse, I want my Posse!


Ok, so at the SMB PreDay yesterday, one of our attendees, Greg Lipshitz decided to start a website during the day. He built and pushed live www.techedlive.com whilst sitting up the back in the sessions "listening".  Anyway – he decided to do a video interview and somehow came up with the fact that I was jealous of Steve Riley’s "posse". He blogged about it here "Why can’t I have a posse-"

Anyway – he’s laid down the challenge. He wants people that want to be part of my posse to send an email to waynesmallsposse@techedlive.com We’ve had a bet that he won’t get more than 5 people by Friday. so please, please please – just for fun – join my posse 🙂

Category: Conferences
Published: 3/09/2008 1:47 PM

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