Small Business Marketing Unleashed Event


image Ok – so we all know about Microsoft investing $300M to promote their new products.  We in the SMB space don’t have that kind of money which is why I’m going to the 2nd Small Business Marketing Unleashed event in 2 weeks time in Columbus, Ohio.

I attended this conference in Houston, TX earlier this year and am going back for a 2nd round in Columbus, Ohio in a few weeks. This event is focused on how we as SMB people can get the most bang for our buck in terms of online marketing. This is an SMB focused marketing event that teaches you how to optimise your website and online marketing programs to build more business for you. The way I see it, we as SMB resellers need to know more about how our customers find us and I believe that given most are looking online now. Anyway – the event URL is here

I’m sending this out to let you know about an event I’ll be attending in 2 weeks in Columbus, Ohio. I am NOT the organiser of the event and I get nothing in return if you go to it. I’ve paid for my own ticket to it and have no financial interest in it at all. If you decide to go to it then email tell her Wayne Small sent you and she will give you a discount code that means you can get in for the early bird rate. I understand they only have a few spots left so make it quick.

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Published: 9/09/2008 12:06 AM

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