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SBS 2008 has the ability to automate some of the things that often got customers tied up in knots. One of these is the purchase and management of their public domain name.  SBS 2008 allows you via the wizard to purchase and manage a domain name from one of currently three domain name registrars. In terms of management of the domain name, it will configure the required DNS records to point to your SBS 2008 server and utilise the inbuilt SBS 2008 Dynamic DNS client to keep the records up to date even if you have a dynamic IP address for your Internet connection.

Ok – so in reviewing the domain registrars that are supported by SBS 2008, I’ve found that there are no providers that can handle the Australian .au domains.  This is a bit of an issue if we want to have a .au domain name managed by the SBS 2008 server automatically.  I asked Sean Daniel from the SBS Dev Team about this and he explained that in order to participate in the cool stuff that SBS 2008 does, the Domain Name Registrar needs to put some infrastructure in place and at this point only three companies have decided to get involved.  Microsoft have gone out to all the major domain name registrars to get their involvement but apparently few so far have decided to be involved.  How can we fix this?  As clients we can petition our favourite Domain Name Registrar and ask them to get involved via the following URL

The other way we can make things happen is to contact one of the three current organisations and ask them to start selling the .au domain space.

So as promised – the following are the domain names that each provider can sell as at today.  I’ve been using for some time now and found them to be very good.

.com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, .cn,,,, .mobi, .info,, .tv, .ws, .ca, .eu, .cc, .jp, .de,,,, .tw,,,


.com, .net, .org, .info, .mobi, .biz,, .tv,, .cc, .tw, .asia


.com, .info, .net, .org, .tv, .mobi, .me, .biz

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Published: 14/09/2008 9:39 PM

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