SBS 2008 Deep Dive Training


I’m here in the USA being put through the paces of the internal Microsoft PSS SBS 2008 training course. It’s the first day and I’ve been sitting here for nearly 4 hours now and we’ve not even gotten through the setup process. I feel that I know far more about setup now than I am likely to ever remember – thank goodness for OneNote and it’s Video Note ability to record from my webcam 🙂

My point though is that this is really DEEEEPPPP dive training. And in all honesty I do not believe that the majority of resellers will ever need the level of detail that I am seeing here today. I’ve been reviewing the SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 hands on labs that will be used for training in Australia real soon now and they contain an overview of what I’ve seen this morning but not half a day. The question I have for you all is this.

What specific topics would you like to see presented by my in November when we come to your local capital city as part of the SBS / EBS 2008 launch? Tell me so that I can ensure I build a presentation for you that meets your requirements. Bear in mind though that I might only have an hour to convey this information to you.

Published: 30/09/2008 4:54 AM

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