Follow Through Matters… particularly now

Body: I met Amber Naslund at the Small Business Marketing Unleashed event in Columbus, Ohio in September this year. We shared many a good chat about business and how social media impacts our ability to do things in a modern day world.  Today she has a post which I think matters a lot, particularly in today’s economic climate.  Her post talks about how we need to follow through with initial contact with people to allow that contact to develop into a relationship.  In both personal and business life, this is so true.  I’d encourage you to take a look at … Continue reading Follow Through Matters… particularly now

ANZ Bank withdraws services over the weekend

Body: I’ve been a client of the ANZ Bank for many years now, and went to check my bank balance today and got the message below after I logged in.  Now this does not affect me as I don’t have any International Services, but I’ve got to wonder just how badly the bank is worried about the current economic climate to suspend services to clients without notice…   Published: 26/10/2008 10:39 PM Attachments:

Trend Micro Detection of MS08-067

Body: Just got this from Trend – they are already detecting known worms that exploit systems not patched with MS08-067 that was released less than 12 hours ago by Microsoft. is the first one out of the blocks. I’ve got more background technical info on this and I’ve found that Trends WFBS blocks IE access to the sites where the encrypted files are stored – now that’s good, but YOU STILL NEED TO PATCH YOUR SYSTEMS. You will need Trend Pattern file 615 to detect this worm. Trend also have a security advisory here I’ll post more info as … Continue reading Trend Micro Detection of MS08-067

Patch NOW – before it’s too late!

Body: Sounds scary right – well – yes – it is and it can be. Microsoft have overnight released an out of band patch which they do only in severe circumstances (like KNOWN exploits circulating in the wild).  Technical details are here Long story short – if you run Windows, then you ARE affected by this.  Make sure your systems are patched with this to ensure you can minimise the chance of getting something bad on your PCs.  It’s been a while since we’ve had an issue like this, so you can bet that the bad guys are just rubbing … Continue reading Patch NOW – before it’s too late!

My Skype Account has been hacked!

Body: Just on 12 hours ago, Skype on my PC told me that I needed to re-enter my password as it had been changed and the skype client needed to reauthenticate.  Interesting I thought as I had not changed my password. I rekeyed my password and it said it was incorrect. I then went to Skype website to attempt a password recovery, I entered my userid and my email address to begin the recovery process.  The website told me that the email address did not match the userid.  Now I was concerned.  I attempted the same procedure from another computer … Continue reading My Skype Account has been hacked!

SBS 2008 Premium – Downgrade rights for 2nd Server

Body: Just last night I posted an email to the MSSMALLBIZ yahoogroup. At that point I knew that many of us in the community had pushed hard on Microsoft to provide downgrade rights for the 2nd Server to allow it to become Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. Susan – it’s not about software that won’t support W2008/SQL2008 in a years time. It’s about the software that does not support W2008 NOW that is the issue. THAT will hamper our efforts to sell SBS 2008 NOW to the clients as they will be FORCED to purchase an additional W2003 license to … Continue reading SBS 2008 Premium – Downgrade rights for 2nd Server

Just remember – they do listen…

Body: It’s often said that the various people at Microsoft do not listen to the bleatings of us out here in the real world. Never let it be said though that Robbie Upcroft was one of them.  Robbie, not only push hard to get the SMB PreDay here at TechEd 2008 in Sydney, he also pushed hard to get a free copy of SBS 2008 Standard Edition FOR RESALE for all those who paid to attend the event. Well – it looks like those lucky people will now get EVEN MORE… No not a free set of steak knives, but … Continue reading Just remember – they do listen…

Can my server support SBS 2008?

Body: One of the biggest questions many people have is can my existing server support SBS 2008? Given SBS 2008 is indeed a full 64 bit operating system, this is one of the major requirements for any system that needs to run SBS 2008. You will also need to have a minimum of 4GB of RAM and a single network card to install as well.  How do you find out if your CPU is capable of this? You can go check the manufacturers site to verify it, but it’s easier to run one of these two utilities. CPUID This shows … Continue reading Can my server support SBS 2008?

Future Uncertain…

Body: I finish up today my 3 weeks here in the USA. I’ve been attending 10 days of extremely intense training, and two conferences in two different states. I’ve been here while the US economy takes a major nose dive. The Australian economy whilst currently not affected as much as the US economy is non the less affected.  I fly home tonight to an uncertain future. In my personal life, there is turmoil. In the business world it looks like a global financial crash is happening. The Aussie dollar has dropped from a high of .98 USD a month or … Continue reading Future Uncertain…


Body: “Silence! I keell you…”. that was the catch phrase this week as it’s an extract from Achmed the Dead Terrorist – a comedy video on youtube.  Dean Calvert (fellow SBS MVP and Aussie) was ensuring that we all remained “silent”. Olli (SBS MVP from Germany) got a little tired of it and took matters into his own hands. Now the question is – will Deans wife pay the ransom or will she be happy for us to leave him here in the USA 🙂 Published: 10/10/2008 2:53 AM Attachments: