Gold, Gems, Cool things learned this week in SBS 2008 Training


Wow – I’m coming to the end of a VERY intensive week of training on SBS 2008. Our instructor is one of the lead CSS support guys that does SBS support day in day out. John Bay (aka Dr John) is amazing in his level of knowledge of SBS 2008 and there are a heap of things that will make it into my up coming books that I hope will make your life easier.

My deepest thanks to Kevin Beares for organising this event. The information that we have now will allow us to better help those in the various communities that we MVPs support around the world. The first trial will be this weekend at SMBNation here in Seattle where myself and a heap of other SBS MVPs will be enjoying connecting up with the community and spreading the love…

Also thanks to Dr John – he’s been so very patient with the off tangent questions that we’ve asked him and so very tolerant of the various rants that some of us carry on with 🙂

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Published: 4/10/2008 5:04 AM

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