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Ok – so it’s 8am on Saturday morning here in rainy Seattle. The legendary HarryB has opened the keynote with a overview of what’s happening and passed the baton over to the Intel Dude (sorry missed his name). They started with a video in which they took a the actual silicon from a CPU and showed it to user. Users had no idea that the brains of their computer was “this little thing”, and made comments that “wow it looks complicated”. These are typical comments that most users make about IT and the services that we offer. However whilst they recognise that “its complicated” they often do not give any credit to the amount of effort that we go to to make the complicated things look so simple. They do not realise the value that we as IT professionals bring to the table. Often though I think it’s OUR FAULT.  It’s OUR FAULT when we fix something really hard and then say to them “Oh it was nothing”. They get the impression that yes indeed – it was nothing for us to fix.  That might be despite the hours of effort we’ve put into investigating the issue. Then they get our bill for the time and protest… “but you said it was simple…”  you see – we make a rod for our own back when we flick comments like “oh it’s nothing” We give the impression that we as IT professionals KNOW EVERYTHING. We do not VALUE the things that WE do ourselves. We write off time and then do not get the real value for our efforts. Stop being so modest guys. Take credit where it’s due. Bill for the time you invest in solving a problem.

More on this later…

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Published: 5/10/2008 1:43 AM

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