SMBNation – Session 4 – SBS 2008 Real World Requirements


Lunch is over – and it was really nice food – good one HarryB.

Susan Bradley and Ofer Shimrat are now onstage presenting  a session on The Gotchas of SBS 2008. They have defined a gotcha as a “feature” of SBS 2008 that we may not have uncovered as yet. Ofer says “The biggest gotchas in SBS 2008 have NOTHING to do with technology – they are all about how you deal with the customer”. Interesting statement isn’t it. Our customers are the ones that are going to be some of the biggest issues with SBS 2008. It’s up to use to educate and consult with them correctly to ensure that we minimise the risk to the deployment and the relationship with the customer.

Some technical aspects that they think you need to consider…

  • CPU/Disk/RAM configuration
  • Knowledge of Windows Server 2008
  • Knowledge of Exchange 2007 Server
  • Knowledge of PowerShell

Start learning now. Play with it, Break it, Fix it, Break it again!

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Published: 5/10/2008 9:01 AM

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