My Skype Account has been hacked!


Just on 12 hours ago, Skype on my PC told me that I needed to re-enter my password as it had been changed and the skype client needed to reauthenticate.  Interesting I thought as I had not changed my password. I rekeyed my password and it said it was incorrect. I then went to Skype website to attempt a password recovery, I entered my userid and my email address to begin the recovery process.  The website told me that the email address did not match the userid.  Now I was concerned.  I attempted the same procedure from another computer and had the exact same results. At this point I considered that it looks like my account has been hacked in some fashion.  I immediately lodged a support request with Skype via their website and recieved an email saying they would look at this within 48 hours.  THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. 


I’ve searched the website for contact details so I could phone them but can not find anything.  Long story short, someone else has control of my skype account (with which I have multiple inbound phone lines) and I don’t!  I am not happy and can do little to resolve it.

Published: 23/10/2008 1:24 PM

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