Follow Through Matters… particularly now


I met Amber Naslund at the Small Business Marketing Unleashed event in Columbus, Ohio in September this year. We shared many a good chat about business and how social media impacts our ability to do things in a modern day world.  Today she has a post which I think matters a lot, particularly in today’s economic climate.  Her post talks about how we need to follow through with initial contact with people to allow that contact to develop into a relationship.  In both personal and business life, this is so true.  I’d encourage you to take a look at her post and then think about how you interact with others.  Is how you work with others really something of value for BOTH parties, or is it a one sided transaction?  In today’s tougher economic climate, people are going to do more and more business with “friends” because they have built up a trust relationship with them.  How are you treating your “friends” ?

Category: Business Focus
Published: 29/10/2008 6:28 AM

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