Hyper-V and Snapshots and Live Migration

Body: Interesting thing that I’ve learned here over the last few days is that Snapshots in Hyper-V are not supported with SBS 2008 and EBS 2008. Now before people go saying it’s an SBS and EBS fault, you need to realise that it’s actually an issue with the servers being Domain Controllers, not that they are SBS or EBS servers.  Snapshots and Live Migration are in the same vein here – both not supported with SBS and EBS.  You have been warned! Published: 9/10/2008 4:05 AM

SMBNation – Keynote Day 2 – TrendMicro

Body: Dal and TJ from Trendmicro have the unenviable task of kicking off the day this morning with the keynote at 8am. This is after a couple of massive parties last night which I understand finished with an open bar sponsored by bandwidth.com. I’m sure that there would be MANY sore heads this morning. Myself – I was out of there by midnight and heading to bed. I’ve gotten a pretty sore throat over the last few days as I’m coming down with a cold or something – the upside is that it sounds like I’ve been partying hard, so … Continue reading SMBNation – Keynote Day 2 – TrendMicro

SMBNation – Session 4 – SBS 2008 Real World Requirements

Body: Lunch is over – and it was really nice food – good one HarryB. Susan Bradley and Ofer Shimrat are now onstage presenting  a session on The Gotchas of SBS 2008. They have defined a gotcha as a “feature” of SBS 2008 that we may not have uncovered as yet. Ofer says “The biggest gotchas in SBS 2008 have NOTHING to do with technology – they are all about how you deal with the customer”. Interesting statement isn’t it. Our customers are the ones that are going to be some of the biggest issues with SBS 2008. It’s up … Continue reading SMBNation – Session 4 – SBS 2008 Real World Requirements

SMBNation – Session 3 – Firewalls – What to choose

Body: Session 3 brings with it the one and only Amy Babinchak – ISA Goddess. Amy’s extremely quiet manner often puts people at a sense of false impression. Her quiet voice makes them think she does not have much to say, nothing could be further from the truth. Amy has forgotten more than most of us know about ISA in the SMB space. Therefore her presentation on Selecting a Firewall in the SBS 2008 era is certainly one not to be missed. She’s started off by giving a history lesson of the firewalls that have been in older versions of … Continue reading SMBNation – Session 3 – Firewalls – What to choose

SMBNation – Session 2 – Migration – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Body: Session #2 – Jeff Middleton, the self proclaimed King of Swing, is up on stage now talking about SBS 2008 migrations. He listed all the features of SBS 2003 and then in one click turned it into SBS 2008. He then blew away the myth for everyone that the migration process to SBS 2008 will be so simple.  Going back to my earlier post today on the SMBNation Keynote – if we continue to undersell ourselves to our customers, if we continue to underbid the VALUE that we provide to the customers business then we will be out of … Continue reading SMBNation – Session 2 – Migration – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

SMBNation – Keynote

Body: Ok – so it’s 8am on Saturday morning here in rainy Seattle. The legendary HarryB has opened the keynote with a overview of what’s happening and passed the baton over to the Intel Dude (sorry missed his name). They started with a video in which they took a the actual silicon from a CPU and showed it to user. Users had no idea that the brains of their computer was “this little thing”, and made comments that “wow it looks complicated”. These are typical comments that most users make about IT and the services that we offer. However whilst … Continue reading SMBNation – Keynote

Gold, Gems, Cool things learned this week in SBS 2008 Training

Body: Wow – I’m coming to the end of a VERY intensive week of training on SBS 2008. Our instructor is one of the lead CSS support guys that does SBS support day in day out. John Bay (aka Dr John) is amazing in his level of knowledge of SBS 2008 and there are a heap of things that will make it into my up coming books that I hope will make your life easier. My deepest thanks to Kevin Beares for organising this event. The information that we have now will allow us to better help those in the … Continue reading Gold, Gems, Cool things learned this week in SBS 2008 Training

Bite the hand that feeds you – then complain you are hungry

Body: I’ve been involved in community for more years than I care to admit. One of the most distressing things that I see at times is where peoples desire to express their opinion takes it’s toll on others in the community. I know that at times I too have been guilty of this.  Below is an excerpt from an email I sent to one such community today. Guys – go ahead. Continue to bite the hand that feeds you and then you can bitch and moan about how they don’t feed you anymore.  There is a way to get a … Continue reading Bite the hand that feeds you – then complain you are hungry

Run As Administrator – Shortcut

Body: UAC protects us from bad things, but also is a real pain in the a$$ for us administrators. I’ve been tired of having to find an icon, right click and select Run As Administrator. Well today I learned a new trick. Select Start then type in the name of the program you want to run then hold down SHIFT and CTRL and press Enter. It will then prompt directly for the UAC prompt – select Continue and your done! Published: 2/10/2008 3:54 AM

MVP again – 7th year – Thank you

Body: Well – it’s the MVP renewal time and I just got my mail in this morning confirming that I’ve been re-awarded as an SBS MVP for the 7th year running. To me this is really just a big thank you for the things that I do anyway in the community. To the community this gives me better channels within Microsoft that allow me to get answers to things that normally I would not be able to get. Anyway – back to the training – it is really pretty intense and I’m getting a great understanding about what happens under … Continue reading MVP again – 7th year – Thank you