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Today’s post comes courtesy of Stephen West from Trend Micro Australia. Stephens the man responsible for the SMB space here in Australia and New Zealand and is very in touch with the community.  He posted this to a number of lists to alert people to the fact that under certain circumstances, your system could BSOD.  Now before all the naysayers out there starting saying “oh Trend is the problem…” Let me point out that best practice is that if you apply a patch from ANY vendor that requires a reboot, then you should reboot it ASAP after that patch is applied.  Given that is what SHOULD be done, then people not doing it are not doing the right thing by their customers.  Trend have patched THEIR systems to accommodate those such people. Nice one Trend.

Hi All,
Please note that we (Trend Micro) have discovered a product issue whereby under a series of circumstances, there is a possibility that systems may crash with BSOD after applying an MS update. This mentioned case may only reflect one MS08-064 update but we have been informed by R & D that it can happen to all Windows OS on all platforms (Servers, Workstations, desktops or Notebooks) with other future MS kernel related updates.
This issue affects the following Trend Micro products and versions:

  • Trend Micro OfficeScan (OSCE) versions 8.0 and above
  • Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS) version 5.0 – Standard and Advanced
  • Trend Micro Client Server Messaging Security (CSM SMB)  and Client Server Security (CS MB) versions 3.5 and 3.6
  • Trend Micro Internet Security versions 15.x (2007), 16.x (2008) and 17.x (2009)

We thought it best to alert the ANZ reseller community to this ASAP so you could take the required action. The solution has not been put on our active update servers for automatic download to products because the automated update may cause an undesired effect of rebooting.
Full details of the issue can be found here

The essential bits are;
IV. Impact:  Customers who apply MS08-064 without subsequently rebooting as required by Microsoft, perform a pattern update, and then initiate a manual or scheduled scan may encounter a critical error (BSOD).
V. Recommended Solution:  A reboot of the affected system after applying the security update will resolve the issue, as per
Microsoft’s restart requirement on security update MS08-064.  It is recommended that customers, especially in large environments, that are planning to deploy MS08-064 during a scheduled maintenance window also allow for reboot time so that any potential issues can be avoided.

If you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call our partner technical support lines on
Australia 1800 094 155
New Zealand 0800 40 80 66
Stephen West
Small Business Manager – ANZ
Trend Office AU:1800 653 870  NZ:0800 408 065
Partner technical support AU:1800 094 155  NZ:0800 408 066

Published: 5/11/2008 8:16 AM

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