“there wasn’t much real Microsoft content that hadn’t been released already”


The comment above came from Hilton Travis, and was used in the context where he was referring to the SBS/EBS Virtual Launch event that Microsoft conducted on November 12th, 2008.  This blog post is not to pick on Hilton, but to use his comments as an example.  It’s a comment I’ve heard more than a few times now about the information being released around SBS 2008 and EBS 2008. So we have JUST had the launch of the product here in Australia this week. The next version has been 5 years coming, and people have been wanting information for quite some time now. Microsoft have been slowly releasing information for the past 12 months, and in June this year, I was part of a road show around in which we did release a fair bit of information. Microsoft via it’s blogs have also released a fair bit of information along the way too.  So I need to ask a few questions.

Have Microsoft released too much too soon?

In response to community requests, has Microsoft released all the good stuff before the product was even fully baked?

Has the community got an unfair expectation on what other information is ready to be released?

Is it fair to Microsoft for the community to be criticising it for releasing the information that they themselves asked for before the official product release?


What are your thoughts?

Published: 15/11/2008 12:39 PM

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