SMB IT Professionals – Perth

Body: The Perth SBS / SMB IT Group had it’s first meeting back in June, but since then due to my workload, I’ve not been able to help them get off the ground.  I’m here in Perth for a few days now and after dinner with a few of the locals last night, I’m pleased to announce that the Perth group is indeed getting off the ground. Jason Jordan from PCGuru and Matt Lansdown from Accord will be the initial group leaders and to help them we have Erle Metcalfe and Adam Garnault.  We’re having a meeting here in Perth … Continue reading SMB IT Professionals – Perth

SBS/EBS Usergroup Tour – Australian Style!

Body: SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 have officially launched this week and as part of the Australian launch celebrations, I’m doing a trip around Australia to visit all of the usergroups along with Robbie Upcroft and some key vendors some of who are announcing new products that work in well with SBS 2008 and EBS 2008. Here’s the agenda for the evening, all vendors are talking turkey at a tech level with very little marketing “fluff” so it’s sure to be a great set of sessions. Microsoft – SBS/EBS – All the good stuff we could not tell you before … Continue reading SBS/EBS Usergroup Tour – Australian Style!

SBS 2008 Migration – it’s NOT A WIZARD

Body: I’ve been thinking long and hard about this. I believe that the SBS 2008 Migration Wizard is incorrectly named.  Therein lies a major problem.  Microsoft have trained us to become accustomed to wizards doing all the right things for them. They’ve trained us to believe that if we follow the wizard that we can put our brain into idle mode and let the system do the rest for us. BZZZZTTT WRONG. In reality, the SBS 2008 Migration wizard cannot do that.  It NEVER could given the wide variety of issues that can and will occur in real world scenarios.  … Continue reading SBS 2008 Migration – it’s NOT A WIZARD

CRN Awards tonight!

Body: I’m excited to be attending the CRN Awards tonight here in Sydney. Last year I was invited to be there as a guest of Trend Micro not knowing that I had been awarded the first ever CRN Channel Champion of the Year award by CRN.  The award to me was a recognition of the efforts that I’ve put into the community over the years and I was deeply appreciative of the award.  Nothing more to say really other than I plan to have a good time and enjoy the night. Category: Business Focus Published: 7/11/2008 9:27 AM Attachments:

So easy Robbie could do it…

Body: Robbie Upcroft is the Microsoft Australia Product Manager for SBS, EBS and Windows Home Server.  Robbie will readily admit to all and sundry that he is “the least technical person at Microsoft” or so he claims. No don’t get me wrong – Robbie is no mans fool, I totally admire him and working with him is fantastic, but – he’s not a techo like most of us 🙂 I was involved in a Lenovo server launch last week at which Lenovo announced the introduction of new tower and rack mount servers to compliment their product range.  As part of … Continue reading So easy Robbie could do it…

Trend Micro Patch for MS08-064

Body: Today’s post comes courtesy of Stephen West from Trend Micro Australia. Stephens the man responsible for the SMB space here in Australia and New Zealand and is very in touch with the community.  He posted this to a number of lists to alert people to the fact that under certain circumstances, your system could BSOD.  Now before all the naysayers out there starting saying “oh Trend is the problem…” Let me point out that best practice is that if you apply a patch from ANY vendor that requires a reboot, then you should reboot it ASAP after that patch … Continue reading Trend Micro Patch for MS08-064