You know you are an idiot when…


You go against all the good advice that Microsoft offer when they design the product and you don’t even care enough for your clients well being to heed advice given by others.  Such is the case of some people who believe that they can put the Hyper-V role ONTO the main SBS 2008 server and still make it work.  Susan Bradley has a great blog post here on the issues that occur when you put the Hyper-V role on your SBS 2008 server.  She is doing this as a demonstration of just what NOT to do.  She is trying to document the brain dead things that people will try to do and fail in the hope that they might actually read. 

However, I can’t help but notice that one of the comments on her blog come from someone who seems hell bent on bending the SBS 2008 product beyond it’s design constraints.  Furthermore he not only wants to install Hyper-V ON the SBS 2008 server itself, but then wants to install ISA in one of the guest partitions. What kind of insanity is that?  How will he get support from Microsoft when things go wrong? I sure hope he is joking and not doing this for real.

Furthermore I am seeing and hearing of people deploying SBS 2008 in live customer environments without even having installed it in a virtual test environment themselves.  Stories of people doing LIVE migrations for the first time, also without doing any reading of the documentation before the start.  These people all then point the finger at Microsoft for not having given them all the answers.

Why the hell would you do this for a clients server? Why would you do this for ANYTHING production quality and expect it to work? Why did you not do your homework and test it out first so you have an idea on what would go wrong?

Answer – because you are an idiot.  You have no concern for the clients business at all. You are the scum that makes the true IT Professional look bad. You are the used car salesman of the IT industry.

I am looking forward to the current economic woes of the world, because this in itself should weed out these types of people, force them out of business hopefully for good. These words sound harsh, yes. I’m tired of hearing people blame the product, Microsoft and anything else that moves without taking responsibility for their own freaking actions.

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Published: 4/12/2008 7:55 AM

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