SBS2008 Remote Web Workplace Rocks!


image Today I finished migration for one of my clients to SBS 2008.  As part of our standard install I installed the Kaseya agent on it so our team could manage it remotely.  There were a few things left to do so I started things moving and left the site.

Given it’s a long weekend, my family had already gone away, so I joined them this afternoon.  I thought I’d check in on things tonight.  Unfortunately for me, my Vodafone data card can only get GPRS where I am and we all know the performance of that is abysmal.  Lucky for me there is a local McDonalds within walking distance and they have just launched their free wifi.  So I thought I’ll just run up to McDonalds and check in on things.  I connected to our Kaseya server and attempted to connect to the site – Nope – connection denied.  Looks like McDonalds are blocking outbound to certain ports such as the one our Kaseya system uses 🙁  Oh well I thought I’ll try VPN. Nope that did not work either.  Dang – almost out of tricks.  Then it hit me… Remote Web Workplace on SBS 2008 uses Port 443 for it’s RDP traffic now… woohoo – and I’m in!  One more reason to switch to SBS 2008 is that it’s remote web workplace works from even more places due to it’s adherence to standard ports for lots move of the functions like RDP for RWW access to the servers and desktops!  Thanks to the SBS team for this one!

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Published: 25/01/2009 10:12 PM

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