The shape of things to come


It’s been a long time coming, but I’m currently rebuilding my main website ( and this blog onto a new platform. Yes – I will be moving away from a SharePoint based website and onto another platform.  I’ve tried hard to push SharePoint to do what I want but ultimately I need to admit that I don’t have the graphic or web design skills it takes to make it look as good as it should, nor convey the information in the easiest way for you the reader to find and consume.  The image below is a sneak peek at what is to come – it’s the first draft from my web designer Sarah East and she’s been amazing in nailing what I want it to look like pretty much right off the bat.  Sarah worked with me on the graphics for the SMB Focus event I was running in 2007 – and yes – there is a light @ the end of the tunnel on that front too – but I’m not ready to announce anything just yet.

I’ve actually got quite a bit of SBS 2008 content stored up and I’ve been waiting for the relaunch of the site to post it.  I expect that in the process of moving the existing content over that I’ll break a few links, so please be patient.  I’ll make sure that the old site will be up on a different URL so that I can easily trace the broken links and fix them fairly quickly.


Published: 3/02/2009 8:33 AM

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