Hyper-V and SBS/EBS coming soon


I’ll be travelling the country side later this month working with Microsoft to deliver some sessions on Licensing and Hyper-V.  My session will be focused just on Hyper-V with SBS and EBS.  The outline is below.  You can register for the event here

Hyper-V with SBS and EBS

Want to know more about how to run SBS and EBS in a Hyper-V environment? Wayne Small will share his real world experiences on how Hyper-V with SBS environments. You will learn everything from the 101 basics through to advanced migration techniques using Hyper-V. Built using real world scenarios and real world clients, this 1 hour session will give you the basics to get up and running.  We might even have time to cover some exam tips for the Hyper-V and SBS/EBS exams!

I’ll have done the Hyper-V Exam by then and will be able to give some tips and tricks on how to pass that too!  I look forward to seeing you at this event!

One of the cool things about this event too is the Licensing side of the event.  “THE MAN” for licensing in Australia – Thomas Kablau will be there talking about Licensing.  Now Thomas is “The Man” when it comes to licensing here in Australia, so there is NOTHING he can not answer or advise on.  If you have ANY licensing questions then this is THE session to come to.


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Published: 6/02/2009 10:46 AM

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