HP Australia – listening to the SMB IT Professional community


image Tonight we had the first meeting of the SMB IT Professionals group in Sydney for the year.  We had some really good presentations from HP, StorageCraft and LogMeIn.  The big thing of the night was the announcement by local HP Server Product manager, Ari Palandjian that following huge community feedback HP Australia will be bringing back the HP ConfigureAider program that we all love so much.  It’s estimated that the new release will be out next Monday (all going well).  The slide below shows more info. 

The other thing I want to applaud HP for is for trying hard to meet the feedback we gave them in terms of their configuration.  The new bundles from HP are a great start in terms of having 4GB minimum with a minimum configuration of DIMMs as well as things like battery backed cache for the higher end servers.  Sure the price point for these servers might not be the level we all have been used to over the past few years, but personally I think we’ve been spoiled by the decreasing price of SBS 2003 over the years vs. the new price and hardware requirements of SBS 2008.

Thanks HP for listening to the community. It’s a great start and I applaud you for continuing to listen to our needs and build systems that help us sell more.


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Published: 10/02/2009 7:56 PM

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