Windows 7 Beta and SBS 2008


SBS2008 is designed to allow the end user to easily connect computers to the SBS 2008 network.  It does this via the Connect computer wizard where all the user needs to do is to type in http://connect into their Internet Explorer on their new PC and it will walk them through the rest of the process doing all the hard work.  Microsoft have tested this and support it with Windows XP Pro, and Vista Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions.  Many people are now using Windows 7 beta to see how it performs vs. Vista.  Bearing in mind that the Windows 7 beta is JUST THAT – a beta, and should not be used for production use, it’s no surprise that the default installation of SBS 2008 will not automatically work with the Connect computer wizard.

Never fear though because Microsoft have this week released a blog post that details how you can modify SBS 2008 to support the addition of Windows 7 beta.  The link here will show you more on how to make it happen.

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Published: 11/02/2009 7:51 AM

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