He came… He saw… He listened – Thanks Nick!


Last Wednesday was the last SMB iT Professional meeting that Nick King and I had the chance to do last week.  Sydney finished off a whirlwind 3 day tour of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Nick’s visit to Australia was something he personally asked to do as he wanted to get a good feel on what we as Aussies needed from Microsoft.  Being a Kiwi, Nick knows all too well how us Aussies can be so very direct in our feedback.  That attitude and understanding meant that the people that attended these meetings were able to be very open as to what they thought was good and bad about everything SBS and EBS related (some even tried to give feedback on Windows 7).

Some of the things Nick was involved in this week included…

1. He took heavy “feedback” on the SBS and EBS Hands on labs that were presented around Australia by Excomm in November last year. Nick was very open in revealing that they made changes based on the feedback given and that the revised content which will be available in the coming months should be far more relevant to us all.

2. Nick held open sessions on most any topic related to SBS and EBS and attendees found out how some of the inner workings of SBS and EBS worked to a greater degree.

3. Nick also presented free form sessions on Migration, Virtualisation and the EBS Preparation and Planning Wizard which lead on to other topics that people wanted to know more about.

I’ll be posting later this week additional information that Nick promised us – I’m flying around Australia this week and next doing a Licensing/Hyper-V session with Microsoft Australia.

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Published: 25/02/2009 9:23 AM

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