Frank McCallister – Rest In Peace


FrankMcCallister Via Facebook this morning, I received an email from someone I did not know…

"Frank had a massive heart attack last Wednesday and passed away this morning at 1:50."

My first thought was “who is this person sending me an email about someone called Frank…” I checked their friends and it showed one person. Frank McCallister. No – I thought it can’t be so. I checked with the other SBS MVPs and found that yes – sadly it was.  Frank McCallister passed away last night after a heart attack earlier in the week.

For those that knew him, they knew a kind, gentle soul that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. They knew a man who had many many stories to share and always got a laugh or two. They knew a man who would always pull a group into line if they got a bit to far one way or the other.  They knew a man who was always respectful of everyone he met.

Frank shared once with me some of his experiences as a test fighter pilot. I figure he must have been a damn good pilot to have live such a long life. Frank contributed to the community via a number of SBS focused newsgroups and mailing lists and helped thousands of people in his time. He seldom asked for help in return.

Frank – you will be missed. May you rest in peace.

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Published: 28/02/2009 9:46 AM

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