CRN Australia – a new direction!


image Today people started to receive the new and improved CRN Magazine in the mail, and then shortly after I started to get phone calls and emails from people as my photo is on the front cover.  No, it’s not for some embarrassing gaff I made in public but because I’ve agreed to be part of the CRN Editorial Panel for the next 12 months.  Sholto Macpherson invited me along with 9 others to form the CRN Editorial Panel. The panel is made up of 3 people from each segment of the market, vendors, distributors and resellers.  For my part, I was extremely honoured to represent the reseller channel and with my focus on SMB, you can bet that I’ll have a different opinion to others on the panel 🙂

Subscribe to the new magazine here – you can get it in either print form or in ebook form.

If you have anything you would like raised with CRN, please let me know – I can either pass it on to the team or introduce you to them via email so you can fill them in direct.

Oh – and thanks to the photographer from CRN – he got some nice shots of me in action which for a guy who is not too photogenic (in my mind) was nice to see 🙂

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Published: 5/05/2009 8:44 PM

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