Steve Riley has left the building…


As a presenter, there are a few people that I really look up to in terms of knowledge, style and sheer balls. Steve Riley is one of them.  Unfortunately, Steve just announced ( that due to budget cutbacks, he has been forced to depart from Microsoft. This to me is a crying shame, as this gent is not only a consummate professional in security terms, but a really nice guy.  As a reseller, I really have to wonder just what Microsoft think they are doing by letting such a skilled and professional preacher of the security word go like that.  Heck – I know we all need to make cutbacks in tough times, but Steve had a way of conveying the security message that both scared the sh!t out of people and at the same time make them take a good long hard look at their methods, designs and goals in terms of security.

I’m sure that Steve won’t be out of a job for long – I just hope that we get to see him at TechEd again in the future.  Heck – maybe he should go work with Jesper over at Amazon… now that would be scary indeed 🙂

Steve’s new blog is already in action over at

Published: 7/05/2009 7:13 AM

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