The difference between Yoda and you


Just read a cute news article that talks about “International Talk like Yoda” day. As I read it I can’t help but think of how this relates to the SMB IT Professional community.  No – not the actual talking like Yoda, but the persona that he is.

Yoda is certainly old and wise – that much is for certain. In all the Star Wars movies, you see Yoda using his years of experience to solve problems and defeat enemies much bigger and stronger than him.  How does he do that I keep thinking… then I realise that it’s actually his years of experience that mean he instinctively knows the answer even though he has not been confronted with this exact problem before. How does this relate to us – well compare Yoda to a young padwan. The young padwan thinks he knows all the answers and is in a rush to solve the problem before they really understand it.  Compare this to our industry and look at how people user the power of google to quickly find answers.  The problem is they find the answers, but what is the correct question?  That to me is the difference between Yoda and the young padwan.  Yoda KNOWS the question, and has a fair idea of the answer even before he jumps to google.  The young padwan will google and then use the top hits as the answer without KNOWING that the question he has asked is the right one.

So – today being “International Talk like Yoda” day – think before you google. Ask what do you EXPECT might be the right answer.  Use your common sense to ensure you don’t get lead astray by the dark side.

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Published: 22/05/2009 7:45 AM

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