SaaS / Cloud Computing – interesting concern


Microsoft today announced they will block access to MSN Instant Messenger for 5 countries on a sanction list according to the US government.  CRN reported it here

Ok – so with all the hype about cloud computing, the users are not supposed to care where there data is as it’s “in the cloud”.  Here’s the catch – what if your data actually resides on servers on foreign soil and suddenly due to government action you no longer have access to that data? How will your business survive?

Now I admit that the risk to many of us here in Australia is pretty limited, however what if suddenly our data is located in say an Indian Data Centre and due to restrictions that the Indian government may decide to place, they prevent access to it from us here in Australia?  What then?

Seriously – have a good think about the pros AND cons of cloud computing before you dive in. Do your research, make sure you know EXACTLY where your information is as it may be subject to laws and regulations that you have absolutely no control over.

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Published: 26/05/2009 10:49 AM

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