SBS 2008 joins Social Media


Microsoft need your help….  In FY10 they are adopting a social media strategy that includes not only their own assets such as blogs, forums and newsgroups, but also third party social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  In part due to the high adoption of IT pros of both Twitter and Facebook, and the low cost awareness these types of assets can create.

Facebook recently announced a vanity url program, but in order to qualify as a page we need to have 100 fans.  From today we need to get to 100 fans as quickly as possible.  Our goal is to meet this requirement before WPC in two weeks.   Here is where I need your help;

Can you please become a fan by going here so we can push towards the magic 100.

Secondly, they’re soft launching our official SBS twitter feed in the next few days.  please begin following as we’ll be announcing different items here as we ramp over the next few days and begin driving other awareness at WPC. 

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Published: 3/07/2009 9:18 AM

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