New Site now live – last post here

Body: This is my last post on this old blog.  I’ve today launched my new website where I’ve consolidated my blog and everything else I’ve been working on. is the site and my blog is under that. I’ve already migrated over my feedburner RSS feeds, so if you are reading this then you’ve gotten in via the web or some other RSS feed before I setup feedburner. Jump on over to and pickup the new feed.  This old site will be here for another 7 days before I take it down altogether and redirect the links to the … Continue reading New Site now live – last post here

Been a bit silent

Body: I’ve been a bit silent over the last couple of weeks as I’ve been flat out working on a few different things.  One of my major clients has bought a new company and I’m looking at how we integrated 220 users into an existing 350 user network which is a great challenge and a load of fun. I’m also preparing to present at both TechEd Australia and TechEd New Zealand as well as doing a fair bit of travel around Australia with Windows 7 presentations.  Add to that the background work I’m doing on the new website and … Continue reading Been a bit silent

SBSC’s listen up…

Body: July 1st marks the end of one age and the start of a new era in the SBSC space in Australia. Hilton Travis has ended his term as SBSC Pal for Australia and passed the baton to Keira McIntosh for the coming 12 months. The SBSC PALs role is to act as a channel to communicate to Microsoft on issues affecting the SBSC community. Keira started a blog a few months back and you can get to it here Congrats Keira, you’ve bitten of more than you can chew, but I’m sure you can handle it 🙂 Category: … Continue reading SBSC’s listen up…

Microsoft Australia focusing on the SMB space in Australia

Body: Many in Australia are concerned that Microsoft are not understanding the needs of resellers in the SMB space. Some have made brash claims that MS simply don’t care. I can tell you from the meetings I’ve had inside Microsoft that those comments are extremely misguided. Most of the work I do inside Microsoft is covered under NDA and I can’t talk too much about it, however this is one thing that I specifically wanted to get out to the community so I sought permission to report it here. On June 26th when most business were busy focusing on closing … Continue reading Microsoft Australia focusing on the SMB space in Australia

Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner released.

Body: Have you ever had suspicions that your Active Directory environment was not right? Well Microsoft have taken today released another tool that can be used to scan your environment and help diagnose the issues you might have.  It’s called the IT Environment Health Scanner and comes from the Essential Business Server team who originally designed it to ensure that EBS could easily install into an existing network.  I’ve been using it as part of my pre-flight check on my SBS 2008 migrations and it’s great at finding out things that you don’t know. Go download it now from here … Continue reading Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner released.

How to make your own tablet PC…

Body: A fellow MVP just posted this cute 30 second video on how to make your own Tablet PC.   Don’t try this at home… it requires special skills that many of us do not have…and guts too 🙂 Published: 8/07/2009 3:16 AM Attachments:

Port 48195 – increased attacks

Body: I was onsite today with a client and they still use Scorpion Softwares Firewall Dashboard product to monitor their ISA 2004 server.  The morning report came in and it showed that from some time yesterday there had been a massive increase in the attacks on their server.  I dug a little deeper and found that the attacks were all destined for port 48195.  I did some digging and found nothing out there at the moment, so I pinged a few security people I know (Susan Bradley and Dana Epp) – they too knew nothing. From what I can see … Continue reading Port 48195 – increased attacks

SBS 2008 joins Social Media

Body: Microsoft need your help….  In FY10 they are adopting a social media strategy that includes not only their own assets such as blogs, forums and newsgroups, but also third party social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  In part due to the high adoption of IT pros of both Twitter and Facebook, and the low cost awareness these types of assets can create. Facebook recently announced a vanity url program, but in order to qualify as a page we need to have 100 fans.  From today we need to get to 100 fans as quickly as possible.  Our goal is … Continue reading SBS 2008 joins Social Media

Free Guide “Getting Started with Companyweb”

Body: Robert Crane – a local Sydney SharePoint Guru has released a free guide that gives a brief walkthrough on just what Companyweb is and what you can do with it.  Robert  is a wealth of knowledge on SharePoint particularly in the SBS / SMB space and his experience shows through in this guide. SBS 2008 has built within it a very deep collaboration system based around Windows SharePoint Services which is a little brother to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. WSS can do some amazing things for your business in terms of it’s ability to centrally store and manage massive … Continue reading Free Guide “Getting Started with Companyweb”

What will you do different today?

Body: Today marks the start of the new Financial year here in Australia. As part of the new financial I’ve been giving due consideration to business planning and in particular what I will do different this year vs last year.  The world economy by all accounts is at it’s lowest in many tens of years. Here in Australia, the impact does not seem to be as hard as elsewhere in the rest of the world. Will it last? Will we be hit harder? Will it take a totally different tack?  All in all I think that no one can really … Continue reading What will you do different today?