Resources for SBS Migration to SBS 2008

Body: I’m doing another migration tonight for a client from SBS2003 to SBS 2008.  We’re also doing it from a physical SBS 2003 system over to a Virtual SBS 2008 server on Windows Server 2008 with HyperV.  Over the past week, I’ve already setup and got running a virtualised ISA 2006 server, virtualised SQL 2008 server and a new virtualised Windows 2008 Terminal Server.  Tonight is the final stages of the overall project and so far things are singing and dancing nicely.  While I wait for the backup of the SBS 2003 server to complete, I’m reviewing the most current … Continue reading Resources for SBS Migration to SBS 2008

Ingram Micro, Moneytech and Australian SMB Community

Body: I heard people today in the Australian SMB community talking about a letter they got from Ingram Micro.  The letter talked about their account with Ingram and it stating that “your Ingram account is being transferred to Moneytech in May….” . Knowing from past experience that Ingram have not always been the best at communicating, I sought to clarify the situation. I just got off the phone with a senior executive at Ingram Micro and he filled me in on the story.  The long and the short of it is that Ingram were seeking a way to help the … Continue reading Ingram Micro, Moneytech and Australian SMB Community

When does a rollup become a service pack?

Body: I note with interest that today Microsoft released Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1.  Basically this is a collection of fixes since they released Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 and can be applied to a server without the need to apply the previous rollup packages.  The question comes to mind though, is when is a service pack now different to a rollup?  You can get the Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 packages from here No news yet on if this helps anything SBS 2008 related, I’ll admit that I … Continue reading When does a rollup become a service pack?

Vote #1 – Keira McIntosh for SBSC PAL for Australia

Body: In all my life I have never really been vocal about politics at all – but there is one thing that really hits my heart and that is the SMB community that I work in.  Therefore this blog post is 100% my personal view which you may well choose not to agree with. Ok – so it’s now public that Microsoft have announced their intention to seek guidance from the community for the role of SBSC PAL for the next 12 months.  I think this is a great chance for us to let them know who we think would … Continue reading Vote #1 – Keira McIntosh for SBSC PAL for Australia

Hyper-V and ShadowProtect – Slow Performance?

Body: Today I’ve been working for a client doing some restructuring of their servers. We’ve been taking a number of servers that were on physical hardware and virtualising them.  To do that I’ve used ShadowProtect from Storagecraft.  It’s a wonderful product and one that I’ve had for some years now.  One of the cool things that I am using it for today is to take an image of a physical server down to a USB drive, then I’m taking the USB drive to the new Hyper-V server and restoring the image into a virtualised environment.  I setup the new Virtual … Continue reading Hyper-V and ShadowProtect – Slow Performance?

Telstra come through for once

Body: I’ve lived in my current house for 11 years now, and we’ve had ADSL for the past 5 or so years but we are running off a RIM exchange and therefore I’ve had many many applications to move to ADSL2+ rejected due to this.  A mate of mine suggested that I should give Telstra a go for my internet connection.  I have a big issue with giving Telstra a go their pricing is highly monopolistic. Ultimately though I decided to bite the bullet and applied for a Liberty 12GB plan from them. We put the application in around 2:30pm … Continue reading Telstra come through for once

Steve Riley has left the building…

Body: As a presenter, there are a few people that I really look up to in terms of knowledge, style and sheer balls. Steve Riley is one of them.  Unfortunately, Steve just announced ( that due to budget cutbacks, he has been forced to depart from Microsoft. This to me is a crying shame, as this gent is not only a consummate professional in security terms, but a really nice guy.  As a reseller, I really have to wonder just what Microsoft think they are doing by letting such a skilled and professional preacher of the security word go like … Continue reading Steve Riley has left the building…

SBS 2008 Reports – slow to generate and deliver

Body: I’ve found that on my SBS 2008 sites, that the reports coming from the system do not always come at the scheduled time. Furthermore I’ve done some investigation and found that they are not being generated on time. Often the reports are many hours late (my record so far is 12hrs + late).  A few of my fellow MVPs have also seen this problem and Microsoft are investigating this with a view to understand the underlying issues.  If you have had issues with this, then please contact me – and I can link you up with the relevant … Continue reading SBS 2008 Reports – slow to generate and deliver

CRN Australia – a new direction!

Body: Today people started to receive the new and improved CRN Magazine in the mail, and then shortly after I started to get phone calls and emails from people as my photo is on the front cover.  No, it’s not for some embarrassing gaff I made in public but because I’ve agreed to be part of the CRN Editorial Panel for the next 12 months.  Sholto Macpherson invited me along with 9 others to form the CRN Editorial Panel. The panel is made up of 3 people from each segment of the market, vendors, distributors and resellers.  For my part, … Continue reading CRN Australia – a new direction!

Sydney Windows User Group – Starts in May 2009

Body: I’ve just heard that there is a new user group forming in Sydney. Starting in May, the Sydney Windows User Group will get off the ground.  They are focusing on everything Windows client related, and plan to demo Windows 7 RC at their first meeting.  There first meeting is on Wednesday May 13th, at Microsoft North Ryde office. Here’s the link to their website Published: 26/04/2009 8:11 PM Attachments: