Cookies and Support People

I’ve got a gripe with support people.  How many times have you been investigating a problem and either told someone to delete there IE cookies or been told to do that yourself?  I find this extremely frustrating as a user that the support people do not know WHICH cookies are related to their particular site.  Surely if I am having a problem with a site then I should be able to delete all the cookies related to just that site – surely the site developers know which cookies they rely on and therefore which ones we need to delete.  … Continue reading Cookies and Support People

I’m an MCSE – why should I sit the 70-282 exam…

Ok – at conferences you overhear many conversations.  One I heard yesterday, just made me mad.  Typical of some people though.  Two guys – they were MCSEs and had many enterprise clients.  They were looking at the new Small Business Specialist program and were trying to understand what value it had to them.  They are registered partners and MCSEs.  Their question was why should they have to sit the 70-282 exam and take all that time out of their business to study for it.  Surely given that they had their MCSE meant that they could handle the lowly SBS server … Continue reading I’m an MCSE – why should I sit the 70-282 exam…

Honesty with customers counts too!

Yup – honesty counts. I had to talk to a customer last week about a stuff up one of my guys did. SBS2000 server – we could VPN to the server but could not ping anything on the inside of the network, or access resources on the inside of the network. The network appeared to be running. We could not see the issue. Lodged a case with PSS and after 3 weeks – the guy asked us to stop the “Trend Micro Personal Firewall Service”…. CLANG.  A few months back when my guy upgraded the customer from OfficeScan for SBS2000 … Continue reading Honesty with customers counts too!

Netgear Print Servers and SBS 2003 or Windows 2003 Server – just does not work!

I’ve been a strong advocate for Netgear for many years – in fact back in 1996 I had dinner with Patrick Lo – the Managing Director of Netgear and I felt that this was certainly a company that I wanted to be associated with.  They typically make a good quality product that is reliable and at a good price.  However I’ve got a big gripe with them about an issue that has been going on now for sine early last year that it Netgear seem to be failing to resolve.  I am hoping by publishing this and getting public feedback … Continue reading Netgear Print Servers and SBS 2003 or Windows 2003 Server – just does not work!