Trend Micro WFBS 5.1 and 5.0 Patches

Body: Last week Trend announced the release of a number of patches for their Worry Free Business Security products targeted at the SMB market. These patches are both a rollup of all accumulative patches plus an additional patch that did not quite make the rollup itself. The information below comes from an informal channel communication that Kieran Cook – one of the local Trend engineers sends out from time to time.  This is EXACTLY the type of communication we need to see from vendors on a more regular basis. It leaves NO DOUBT what patches need to be applied and … Continue reading Trend Micro WFBS 5.1 and 5.0 Patches

Upgrading to Trend WFBS 5.1?

Body: If you are upgrading to Trend Worry-Free Business Security 5.1 and you are coming from their v5.0 product then you will want to go and install Patch 2 first.  Patch 2 resolves a few issues in 5.0 that caused the upgrade to 5.1 to fail.  Best Practice – install this patch before upgrading to 5.1 – it’s only a 43MB download 🙂 You can get the patch from the following locations WFBS 5.0 Standard WFBS 5.0 Advanced Category: TrendMicro Published: 27/01/2009 9:46 AM

Trend WFBS 5.1 Beta coming – SBS/EBS support

Body: Trend have just released the beta for the 5.1 release of Worry-Free Business Security.  The major components of this release are; What’s new in Worry-Free Business Security™ v5.1? Additional Microsoft Operating System support: Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 (Cougar) and Microsoft Essential Business Server 2008 (Centro) Support Microsoft Exchange 2007 Server on Windows 2008 Support Web Threat Protection Feedback Loop Support CSA memory reduction to under 40Mb (this is accomplished with the new Virus Scan API 8.9) Integrated install with Worry Free Remote Manager With the release of Cougar just around the corner, we need to get as … Continue reading Trend WFBS 5.1 Beta coming – SBS/EBS support

Blocking UPS SPAM Mail

Body: I use TrendMicros InterScan Messaging Hosted Security service as part of Worry-Free Business Security Advanced to provide front line SPAM and Malware detection to all mail coming into my family domain and to the domain.  I’ve been using it for nearly 12 months now.  In order to test the effectiveness of a SPAM solution, I’ve got a mailbox configured with old / defunct email addresses that I no longer use. Email addresses of, and collect nothing but SPAM.  Below you can see the last 10 days of email to these email addresses. They comprise of … Continue reading Blocking UPS SPAM Mail

SPAM Filtering Options in Trend Worry-Free Business Security

Body:   With the release of Trends WFBS 5.0 (formerly known as CS and CSM Security) Trend have upgraded the Antispam components in a number of ways. For some this is causing some confusion. Hopefully I can help resolve that. When you purchase WFBS Advanced over Standard, you get support for Exchange Server. This is the typical choice for Small Business Server owners who use Exchange for their mail. The WFBS Standard suite has no support for Exchange Server and therefore a lot of what is below does not apply. So what do you get? WFBS Standard includes a client … Continue reading SPAM Filtering Options in Trend Worry-Free Business Security

Trend WFBS 5.0 Errors after installation

Body: I’ve had a few people mention to me that after they’ve installed the latest Trend Worry Free Business Security 5.0 on their SBS servers that they have had some new errors in their event logs.  I’ve not seen this in the upgrades that I’ve done so I’ve been a little perplexed as to what it is that they are all talking about.  Thanks to Norm Hughes from Quadrant Computers and the Melbourne SBS Group, who has given me the errors he’s seeing and some explanation he got from Trend Micro on the issue. Here are the error messages from … Continue reading Trend WFBS 5.0 Errors after installation

Trend WFBS 5.0 Blocks Malware…

Body: This week at the Perth SMB IT Professionals Group, Sandi Hardmeirer, used my laptop to demonstrate ways that potential spyware attacks could take place on unsuspecting users without them even clicking on links in a web page.  She showed us a video which displayed how a well respected website was infected with malvertisements (bad advertisements) that redirected the user to other websites without any interaction at all.  Following the redirection the bad website would proceed to install malicious code on the users PC for their own nefarious purposes. During the demonstration, Sandi attempted to visit a URL that was … Continue reading Trend WFBS 5.0 Blocks Malware…

Trend Training coming to a city near you.

Body: This only applies for my Australian and New Zealand readers, but if you’ve not gotten the email from Trend already, check out below for training coming to a city near you.  This includes training on the upcoming CSM for SMB v5.0 (aka WFBS v5.0).  I’m heading to the Sydney event tomorrow so hope to see you there. Dear Partner, Please join Trend Micro for their quarterly partner training. This year, we’re doing things a little different delivering both sales and technical training to all partners. To register for these sessions, please click the appropriate link – Worry-Free Sales Training: … Continue reading Trend Training coming to a city near you.

Trend release new engine VSAPI 8.7

Body: Trend have announced that they are releasing a new engine v8.7 which addresses a number of improvements to overcome resource issues that occurred some time back as well as implementing new features.  The new engine will automatically download and distribute to your sites from April 22nd onwards, so you don’t need to do anything about it.  However, if you want to get in and download and test it yourselves before hand you can do so by going to and grabbing it. Here’s their info release on the subject. Trend Micro has officially released their new engine (VSAPI 8.7) … Continue reading Trend release new engine VSAPI 8.7

Trend Taiwan – Day 5

Body: Ok – so I’m posting this a day late 🙂  Friday was my last day at Trend.  It was a week that I really enjoyed.  I met lots of new people and got the unique chance to express directly to these people about all the things that matter to us in the SMB IT Professional / Reseller Community.  I’ll post next week on some wrap up items. On my last day, I began with spending 2 hours presenting / discussing with the teams that I’ve met about a summary of my experiences, along with suggestions as to how I … Continue reading Trend Taiwan – Day 5