Trend Taiwan – Day 4

Body: Well – today I spend time with the QA department.  Kind funny really because last night the team released the external beta of WFBS v5.0 (aka CSM 5.0).  Max and Eric from the QA team walked me through the development cycle from a QA perspective.  I got to understand the stages of development from Pre-Alpha through to GM release (final shipping product).  One of the most interesting things that I found out was that Trend have made a change to the way they do the development and sustaining engineering side of things.  Previously (and I think like most companies), … Continue reading Trend Taiwan – Day 4

Trend Taiwan – Day 3

Body: Ok – so today is the day I spend with the Research and Development team.  I arrived at the office to find that the lead for the team has pulled an all nighter and only left at 7am – I guess this is the real world now huh 🙂  So Jonas is my lead today.  He’s just given me the latest build of Worry Free Business Security 5.0 (aka CSM 5.0) to install.  This product is within days of going into a public beta and yesterday I saw some of the screens and functionality for the first time and … Continue reading Trend Taiwan – Day 3

Trend Taiwan – Day 2

Body: Today I spent time with the User Interface team talking to them about how the product looks and how they expose features of the product to us.  I’ve seen some very cool previews of things to come and taken a lot of the feedback that people have given me direct to the team that make the design decision.  Thanks to Charlene, Jecy, Theresa and Mayur for the chance to do this. So some specifics… How would you like to see a one button install for CSM for SMB on an SBS server?  Ideally I think it could be done … Continue reading Trend Taiwan – Day 2

Trend Taiwan – Day 1

Body: So today I started my one week work with Trend here in Taipei.  I arrived last night after a long flight from Sydney via Hong Kong and finally got into my room around midnight.  Unfortunately the guy and gal next door were not ready to go to bed and I was not able to get to sleep for some hours (lucky guy next door). So I arrived at the office today – caught a cab from the hotel which I managed without too much trouble – Trend have this little laminated card with the office and hotel address in … Continue reading Trend Taiwan – Day 1

Off to work for Trend in Taiwan

Body: Yes – those that know me know that I am a big fan of Trend Micro products in the SMB Space.  I’ve used their products for our clients for about 5 or so years now and have been pretty happy with not only the product, but the company and the people that work within it.  To me, these are the components of a good business relationship.  To me, Trend really do focus on the SMB market space by trying to understand how we as resellers work, what it is that we go through and then they try to build … Continue reading Off to work for Trend in Taiwan

Trend CSM 5.0 Features & Beta Program

Body: Shortly I’ll be testing out Trends new version of Client Server Messaging Security for SMB (CSM).  The current version is 3.6.  The new version will have a new name, taking on the name from the Worry-Free product line.  The new product will be called Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS) v5.0 Now this won’t be available for a few months just yet, but here’s a sneak peak at the feature set from it…   What’s new in Worry-Free Business Security™ v5.0? Feature List Location Awareness: ability to identify the location of a client based on the server gateway information. Administrators can … Continue reading Trend CSM 5.0 Features & Beta Program

Trend Worry Free Managed Security Services Playbook

Body: Not sure if many of you know about this cool offering from Trend.  It’s a guide written by managed services guru Amy Luby on how to maximise your Managed Services offering using Trends Worry Free Management console for CSM for SMB.  It’s a light read, but contains good information for those of you getting into Managed Services.  You can get the guide direct from Trend here Keen to know what others think of this guide. Category: TrendMicro Published: 25/02/2008 11:02 AM

Trend Pattern File Problems – blown out of proportion?

Body: I’ve heard a number of people express concern that "Trend have had many issues with their pattern files like we had this week with the 995 pattern file…"  and others similar expressing the suggestion that Trend have had "major issues". Fact – the last issue like this that occurred with Pattern files with Trend was on April 22, 2005 with the 594 pattern file.  Note also that Trend have changed their numbering system slightly so there is a BIG difference between the 594 and the 995 pattern files.  Also note that there is almost 3 YEARS between the two. … Continue reading Trend Pattern File Problems – blown out of proportion?

Trend CSM – Pattern file 997 released

Body: Things are moving quickly this morning – pattern file 997 has been released which has been suggested fixes the issues experienced with the 995 file.  If you have rolled back, wait for a bit and see if the 997 does indeed resolve the issues. If you are using Trends Worry Free Remote Manager (WFRM) then you can force an update across all your sites from within the one console without need to go to each site individually.  I’d suggest if you have not rolled back already to do this. Category: TrendMicro Published: 13/02/2008 9:03 AM

Trend CSM – How to rollback a pattern file

Body: Trend CSM has the ability to rollback a pattern file from it’s centralised console in order to deal with issues such as the one being experienced with the 995 pattern file released earlier today.  To rollback the pattern file, do the following; 1. Login to the CSM console 2. Go to the Updates Tab and select Rollback. You should see the screen as below 3. Select the Rollback button on the Virus Pattern line and you should get the screen below 4. After a few minutes, your clients will have received the notification to rollback to the previous pattern … Continue reading Trend CSM – How to rollback a pattern file