Facebook – Friend or Fiend?

Body: Ok – so I’ve resisted many of the online social networking sites for a while now. I’ve got some info up on LinkedIn and now finally got a Facebook account. I’ve got to ask the question though "Is it too much to be connecting?". What I mean by that is that I have various circles of friends. Some of them overlap, but in broad terms that can be broken down into Business and Personal groups. Do I really want my Business friends knowing that I’m involved in a number of other clubs and groups? Do I want my Business … Continue reading Facebook – Friend or Fiend?

Testing Email Antispam Solution – now in progress

Body: This morning I’ve started testing of TrendMicros InterScan Messaging Hosted Security product. It’s an in the cloud based Antivirus/AntiSpam/AntiPhishing solution that should offload the task of cleansing my email before it reaches my server. As part of that I’ve had to change my DNS records for mail to have it delivered to their servers first. I’m still running the full CSM for SMB on my server with it’s antivirus/antispam turned on too for the moment. I’ll have a full report over the next few weeks as I trial this in comparison to just CSM for SMB. If you have … Continue reading Testing Email Antispam Solution – now in progress

SBS Best Practice Analyser – available soon.

Body: Exchange, ISA, SQL and Windows Server all have a best practice analyser – the BPA looks at the system and reviews the particular product for it’s setup and configuration and compliance to the recommended best practice as put forth by the MS Product Support Services teams. Well – soon (like in the next week or so), Microsoft will launch the SBS 2003 Best Practice Analyser. I’ve beta tested this now for a few weeks and it’s pretty cool indeed. Here’s a few screenshots to keep you interested till it’s released. I’ll let you know when it’s available here on … Continue reading SBS Best Practice Analyser – available soon.

Software I use…

Body: I talk a lot to people, both face to face when I’m running training or presenting, and also online via various forums. Often I’m using some cool piece of software that helps people do things better. People want to know about this stuff and in particular the cool things that I use it for. Therefore I’ve started a category for "Software I use" which will highlight the software that I use in a day to day scenario, not just the good, but the bad and the downright ugly as well. Some vendors deserve to be shot for the poor … Continue reading Software I use…

What RSS reader do you use? Aka – I wish MS had support this good!

Body: I’ve used a few different RSS readers over the past 12 months and I’ve finally settled on one that I like. I tried to use Outlook 2007 – but got fed up with the fact that it would all by it’s own accord stop synchronising the feeds. I tried a number of things to resolve it, but ultimately they all failed to make it work the way it was supposed to. I tried RSS Bandit and for a long time this was my reader of choice, that is until I discovered Feedghost. Feedghost came to me via some of … Continue reading What RSS reader do you use? Aka – I wish MS had support this good!