Port 48195 – increased attacks

Body: I was onsite today with a client and they still use Scorpion Softwares Firewall Dashboard product to monitor their ISA 2004 server.  The morning report came in and it showed that from some time yesterday there had been a massive increase in the attacks on their server.  I dug a little deeper and found that the attacks were all destined for port 48195.  I did some digging and found nothing out there at the moment, so I pinged a few security people I know (Susan Bradley and Dana Epp) – they too knew nothing. From what I can see … Continue reading Port 48195 – increased attacks

How to mess up your network with virtualisation…

Body: Got a call from a friend yesterday.  He had some problems with his network which essentially revolved around Active Directory being messed up.  The exact details are a little unclear, but the long and short of it was that around a week back, their main DC had some hardware problems so they resolved it by transferring the system over to Hyper-V (not sure how they did this either).  The AD problems continued and they dug deeper. Along the way (and I don’t know where/when) they decided to DCPromo two of their non virtualised DC’s down to member servers (one … Continue reading How to mess up your network with virtualisation…

Kyocera Print Mode Error from Outlook 2007

Body: Last week my accountant called me with a problem. He was having problems “printing anything to the Kyocera printer”. He has a Kyocera Mita KM-1650 KX printer connected to his SBS 2003 Server via the network.  All users print to this main printer as their default printer. I asked him over the phone exactly what that meant and in typical client fashion he told me that “anything I try to print to the printer won’t work”.  Ok – he’s just around the corner so I thought I’ll drop in and see what the problem is. I arrived onsite and … Continue reading Kyocera Print Mode Error from Outlook 2007

What is WHEA_Logger?

Body: One of my clients servers stopped working over the weekend – literally just stopped. We could not login via the console, remote connectivity was unresponsive. We had to power cycle the system to get it running again.  After it came up, I began to comb the event logs for more information.  I found that it stopped working over the weekend on Saturday at around 1:50pm.  I know this because the Windows system logs every five minutes to a file to say “I was running at this time…” and then on a reboot, if it was unscheduled, it reports in … Continue reading What is WHEA_Logger?

Netgear WGR 614 Router Config Tip

Body: I had to program a Netgear WGR614 Router last Thursday and the normal http://routerlogin.net would not work.  Most frustrating indeed.  I did some searching and found that if I did a hard reboot of the router and then went to and you can reconfigure it without the wizards.  I could not find anywhere on the Netgear website about this little tip. Hope it helps 🙂 Category: Troubleshooting Published: 17/11/2008 9:07 AM

Strange folder names during SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 migration?

Body: I was doing an SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 Migration last week and had something very strange happened. I had a directory called Network Data that literally disappeared. Below you can see the Windows Explorer view shows no trace of the Network Data directory.  I initially thought that I had some disk corruption or something else, that is until I dropped to a CMD prompt and did a DIR listing as below.  You’ll notice that there is a Network Data directory.  You will also notice that there is is NO Start Menu folder. I looked into both the network … Continue reading Strange folder names during SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 migration?

Thank you Steve Cooper!

Body: Steve Cooper is the local Aussie Director for PSS, and for years I’ve been berating… err suggesting to him that here needs to be a better way for us to get a hotfix than to call Microsoft all the time. Well there is – and has been for some time and now they are making it even easier to get hotfixes.  When you check out an MS KB article now, such as the one below you will see that they have changed the format of them. You will see that they will now allow you to request to get … Continue reading Thank you Steve Cooper!

Exchange 2003 mail getting lost???

Body: I’ve had an ongoing scenario on my SBS 2003 server that I’ve never fully investigated in which mail to some yahoogroups gets "lost". You check the SMTP queues and it’s not there so you believe it’s gone out.  Then later when you reboot your server, it suddenly appears!!!  apparently if you restart your Exchange Information Store or the SMTP service it will also reappear.  Henry Craven discovered this little KB that was released last week which sounds just like the problem that I’ve been having – Thanks Henry – I’ll try it out and see how it goes! Category: … Continue reading Exchange 2003 mail getting lost???

How to remove Antivirus 2008

Body: I had a migraine yesterday – a pretty severe one that lasted 12hours plus. So today I was off to the Doctors to figure out what it was and get some drugs to deal with it again.  Ok – so then I went to the Pharmacy to get the prescription filled.  I’ve been going to the same Doctor and Pharmacist for 10 years now. Behind the counter, the pharmacist – Allan was on the phone with Telstra.  It turned out that his computer was infected by a virus and had been down since last Friday. He had been lodged … Continue reading How to remove Antivirus 2008

USB Flash Drive not working on Windows Vista?

Body:   I picked up a 16G Corsair Flash Voyager when I was in the US last month from Frys.  It worked fine on my laptop but refused to work on my desktop.  Instead I got the dialog box on below requesting drivers for it.  Naturally I didn’t have drivers for it. I did some digging and found this article on their website. The Corsair website had some helpful FAQ’s that I found at this link it had the instructions below. Please try the following instructions to get your USB devices working properly in Windows Vista: 1. Go to Local … Continue reading USB Flash Drive not working on Windows Vista?