Going away for a while

Body: From Friday 12th December 2008 until early January 2009, I’m taking a break from everything. There will be no blog posts, no community forums participation, no website updates etc during this time. I hope to come back totally refocused and energised for the New Year. I already have plans for a few things in the new year and will announce them in 2009. If you have anything waiting on me, then send me an email directly so I can attend to it before I go. Hoping that everyone has a great Christmas / New Years break and gets to … Continue reading Going away for a while

Pay peanuts – you get monkeys….

Body: So I’m trying to help promote the SMB Pre Day for TechEd Australia on September 2nd and I thought I’d reach out to two community leaders Susan Bradley and Vlad Mazek for some extra help in getting the message out.  My request – simple – help let the community know about the event so we can drive registrations and get the latest/greatest.  So both Susan and Vlad decide to take matters into their own hands with the results of their blog posts below 🙂 Vlads – http://www.vladville.com/2008/08/to-robbie-from-the-city-of-angels-with-love-warning-not-safe-for-anyone-anywhere-anytime.html   Susans – http://msmvps.com/blogs/bradley/archive/2008/08/12/heads-on-sale-in-australia-for-550.aspx     Susan, Vlad – thanks guys – … Continue reading Pay peanuts – you get monkeys….

Baby Born on Twitter – a first?

Body: Ok – so congratulations to Vlad and Katie Mazek on the birth last night of their first baby Tim Mazek 🙂  For those that don’t know him, Vlad is the CEO for Own Web Now – a Florida based company that has done heaps to aid SMB resellers worldwide. Guys  you won’t know what’s hit you now because for the next 20 years you’ll be looking after this little guy feeding, changing nappies, teaching him to grow up.  Having two kids of my own I can only say it is both stressful and amazing at the same time.  Our … Continue reading Baby Born on Twitter – a first?

Stopping to smell the roses

Body: Have you recently gone AWOL without any form of communication for a few days?  I have to say I’ve not done this in many many years.  I’ve always had a mobile phone within reach, or an Internet connection handy – even if it is just GPRS.  This weekend, I’m going AWOL.  No laptop, not mobile phone, about the most technological thing I’ll have is my wristwatch (and that’s analogue too!).  I’m taking a good old fashioned pen and paper for anything that I need to write down and think I can’t remember. In this day and age, we take … Continue reading Stopping to smell the roses

Proud Dad!

Body: Yup – that’s me and this has absolutely NOTHING to do with IT or the SMB market.  My daughter is a very talented young lady and her artwork is one of them.  She’s had some of her artwork online for a while now and has been pretty private about it, but last night decided to share the URL for her site with me.  I’m pretty impressed with the things she has done at such a young age and wanted to share it with you.  So here’s her gallery.  http://little-miss-artist.deviantart.com/  This is just some of the great stuff that she … Continue reading Proud Dad!

Geek toys I want :-)

Body: My 40th birthday is coming up in March and well yeah – I’m getting old 🙂  I know that your all asking yourselves, just what can you get for me – the geek who has almost everything.  Well one of the guys in the office came across this cool toy.  I want one!!! http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/warfare/a1c2/           Here’s another idea that is kinda cool too.  A living fly trap. Environmentally friendly too!  I’ve had a venus flytrap before and that was cool – but this one has 10 different plants in one! http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/science/76c9/         … Continue reading Geek toys I want 🙂

MVP means you are invulnerable… NOT!

Body: A fellow MVP – Kathleen Anderson has reminded me of a spoof video that Microsoft did a few years back for an MVP summit. The video suggests that the instant you become an MVP that you’ll have hordes of loyal followers, beautiful women throwing themselves at your feet and you become invincible. If only it were true! In reality, becoming an MVP often means that you have a target painted on your back as people try to take you down a peg or two in the belief that you might think your better than everyone else. I’m here to … Continue reading MVP means you are invulnerable… NOT!

MVP Once More

Body: MVP’s are nominated to Microsoft from various sources based on the work they have done in the past 12 months to assist the community. It so happens that my award cycle is from October through to September, and today I was fortunate to receive "the email" confirming that Microsoft believed my community contributions worthy of the MVP award. This is my 6th or 7th year to be awarded – I forget which actually as I was not really keeping count. To me – the MVP award does not make me better than anyone else in the community – I … Continue reading MVP Once More

What – no blogging for today?

Body: Ok – I confess that I was not at work today. Instead I took the day off and did something much more important for my teenage daughter – I went to school with her. She invited me to come to a special festival day today and help out. I cooked a BBQ (along with 3 other dads) for 1100 teenage girls. They got the best burgers we could cook. I got some downtime to chat with a few other dads, that had zero related to IT and that was great. The day was fancy dress for the students, but … Continue reading What – no blogging for today?