Frank McCallister – Rest In Peace

Body: Via Facebook this morning, I received an email from someone I did not know… "Frank had a massive heart attack last Wednesday and passed away this morning at 1:50." My first thought was “who is this person sending me an email about someone called Frank…” I checked their friends and it showed one person. Frank McCallister. No – I thought it can’t be so. I checked with the other SBS MVPs and found that yes – sadly it was.  Frank McCallister passed away last night after a heart attack earlier in the week. For those that knew him, they … Continue reading Frank McCallister – Rest In Peace

Funky Advertising – PCGuru

Body: Last night @ the Perth SMB IT Professionals Group meeting, I met the orange shirt brigade, also known locally as PCGuru 🙂  These guys are a small SMB focused group that stand out from the crowd if for nothing more than their bright orange shirts.  Their Managing Director – Jason Jordan told me about their funky cars they use to drive around in – check out the pictures below.   Jason also gave me some thoughts on the local market too.  PCGURU focuses on the 5 to 50 seat market and has recently made the transition to decide NOT … Continue reading Funky Advertising – PCGuru

Be afraid…very afraid… Sandi gets a real job :-)

Body: Sandi Hardmeier is a respected MVP and a good friend of mine.  She’s been fighting against all kinds of malware in her after hours for the past umpteen years now and has single handedly prevented some potentially major infections (say like 220 million users of MSN Instant Messenger that were at risk). Up until now though, Sandi’s day job has NOT been involved in IT as a primary role.  She’s been in the legal field for 20 or more years and has been taking on the bad guys online in her spare time.  The bad guys however should be … Continue reading Be afraid…very afraid… Sandi gets a real job 🙂

New Small Business Specialist Partner (SBSC) Area Lead (PAL) for Australia – Hilton Travis

Body: Now I really don’t think Microsoft know what they are in for with this announcement.  Late last night, Robbie Upcroft – the Microsoft Australia dude covering the SBSC program and the SBS/EBS product range, made the following announcement to the local SBSC yahoogroup.  I’ve known Hilton for some years now and he’s pretty much a nice guy.  Sure there are times when I wish he would just shut up, but I believe that all in all, his heart is in the right place.  Hilton is replacing Dean Calvert here in Australia as the SBSC PAL, and to be honest, … Continue reading New Small Business Specialist Partner (SBSC) Area Lead (PAL) for Australia – Hilton Travis

Will she ever get paid for the hard work she does?

Body: I have a good friend of mine – Sandi Hardmeier who has spent many a day fighting some of the worst spyware out there in the wild.  A lot of her work goes unrecognised, and at times when it is recognised, it’s done without clearing naming "the MVP from Australia" who has yet again saved many a person from infection.  More often than not, she gets no recognition at all as the sites infected do not wish to even acknowledge that they had a problem. Many times, Sandi via her blog will alert the world to some pending threat … Continue reading Will she ever get paid for the hard work she does?

Grey has left the building…

Body: I don’t know if it’s a good day or not. I’ve just been told that long time SBS MVP, Grey Lancaster, the man who I believe is the community grandpa of SBS, has left the SBS MVP family. No – he’s not passed away or anything, in fact he’s quite healthy and has the massive ear to ear grin of a Cheshire cat. Grey has been announced as the first Windows Home Server MVP. Grey was the guy who started what is now the SBS2k Yahoolist which has been a hub of the community around SBS for many many … Continue reading Grey has left the building…