SBS 2008 joins Social Media

Body: Microsoft need your help….  In FY10 they are adopting a social media strategy that includes not only their own assets such as blogs, forums and newsgroups, but also third party social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  In part due to the high adoption of IT pros of both Twitter and Facebook, and the low cost awareness these types of assets can create. Facebook recently announced a vanity url program, but in order to qualify as a page we need to have 100 fans.  From today we need to get to 100 fans as quickly as possible.  Our goal is … Continue reading SBS 2008 joins Social Media

Free Guide “Getting Started with Companyweb”

Body: Robert Crane – a local Sydney SharePoint Guru has released a free guide that gives a brief walkthrough on just what Companyweb is and what you can do with it.  Robert  is a wealth of knowledge on SharePoint particularly in the SBS / SMB space and his experience shows through in this guide. SBS 2008 has built within it a very deep collaboration system based around Windows SharePoint Services which is a little brother to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. WSS can do some amazing things for your business in terms of it’s ability to centrally store and manage massive … Continue reading Free Guide “Getting Started with Companyweb”

SBS Migration to SBS 2008 – Experiences today

Body: Doing a migration tonight and thought that I’d document some of the experiences for those that are interested.  This is not a complete list, just some things that I see people falling over.  This post is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for reading the excellent documentation that Microsoft have provided. Run the SBS 2003 BPA and fix EVERYTHING listed – even the caution items.  I had the following issues to address.  The first one is ok – the C: drive is 100GB in size and there is 6GB free. The second one is due to the broadcom network driver being dated … Continue reading SBS Migration to SBS 2008 – Experiences today

When does a rollup become a service pack?

Body: I note with interest that today Microsoft released Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1.  Basically this is a collection of fixes since they released Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 and can be applied to a server without the need to apply the previous rollup packages.  The question comes to mind though, is when is a service pack now different to a rollup?  You can get the Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 packages from here No news yet on if this helps anything SBS 2008 related, I’ll admit that I … Continue reading When does a rollup become a service pack?

SBS 2008 Reports – slow to generate and deliver

Body: I’ve found that on my SBS 2008 sites, that the reports coming from the system do not always come at the scheduled time. Furthermore I’ve done some investigation and found that they are not being generated on time. Often the reports are many hours late (my record so far is 12hrs + late).  A few of my fellow MVPs have also seen this problem and Microsoft are investigating this with a view to understand the underlying issues.  If you have had issues with this, then please contact me – and I can link you up with the relevant … Continue reading SBS 2008 Reports – slow to generate and deliver

Cannot connect to Remote Web Workplace on SBS 2008

Body: If you’ve gotten the message below on your SBS 2008 server, then be sure that you have installed the Hotfix from Microsoft that you can get from this link. I blogged about this some months back but I forgot to install the patch myself on a client machine and it gave the error below which I did not expect.   Category: SBS 2008 / Cougar Published: 20/04/2009 10:40 AM Attachments:

SBS 2008 Migration Tool – Group Converter

Body: Microsoft have just released a tool to help us migrate from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008. This latest tool will remove some of the manual steps that need to be done during the conversion process from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008.  If you follow the current migration documents (v2.0) you need to use ADSIEdit to manually modify some of the attributes of the existing security groups so that they appear in the SBS 2008 console and can be modified by the SBS 2008 wizards. You can download the new tool from here The MS KB that refers to … Continue reading SBS 2008 Migration Tool – Group Converter

He came… He saw… He listened – Thanks Nick!

Body: Last Wednesday was the last SMB iT Professional meeting that Nick King and I had the chance to do last week.  Sydney finished off a whirlwind 3 day tour of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Nick’s visit to Australia was something he personally asked to do as he wanted to get a good feel on what we as Aussies needed from Microsoft.  Being a Kiwi, Nick knows all too well how us Aussies can be so very direct in our feedback.  That attitude and understanding meant that the people that attended these meetings were able to be very open as … Continue reading He came… He saw… He listened – Thanks Nick!

SBS 2008 R2 – I want it now!

Body: Funny you know – SBS 2008 was released in November last year, and we all know that it’s based on Windows Server 2008 which was released in February 2008.  Given that many people have still not made the move to SBS 2008 nor understand it’s features and configuration properly, I find it amusing to hear that people are wanting SBS 2008 R2.  Microsoft have not even announced if there will be an SBS 2008 R2 or when it will be available and yet people are assuming that it will be and that it will contain everything in Windows Server … Continue reading SBS 2008 R2 – I want it now!

Trend WFBS 5.1 on SBS 2008

Body: Microsoft has been investigating an issue that affects all Windows Server 2008 products, but is shown up more so by things like Trend WFBS 5.1 and other antivirus software.  The issue is that anything that uses the common firewall driver in 2008 will be affected.  SBS2008 servers may start to have Active Directory errors, issues accessing the server via RDP and a variety of other errors.  All this will start after 5 to 7 days.  The only workaround so far has been to schedule a reboot of the affected server every 5 to 7 days. It’s important to note … Continue reading Trend WFBS 5.1 on SBS 2008