Windows 7 Beta and SBS 2008

Body: SBS2008 is designed to allow the end user to easily connect computers to the SBS 2008 network.  It does this via the Connect computer wizard where all the user needs to do is to type in http://connect into their Internet Explorer on their new PC and it will walk them through the rest of the process doing all the hard work.  Microsoft have tested this and support it with Windows XP Pro, and Vista Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions.  Many people are now using Windows 7 beta to see how it performs vs. Vista.  Bearing in mind that the … Continue reading Windows 7 Beta and SBS 2008

SBS2008 Remote Web Workplace Rocks!

Body: Today I finished migration for one of my clients to SBS 2008.  As part of our standard install I installed the Kaseya agent on it so our team could manage it remotely.  There were a few things left to do so I started things moving and left the site. Given it’s a long weekend, my family had already gone away, so I joined them this afternoon.  I thought I’d check in on things tonight.  Unfortunately for me, my Vodafone data card can only get GPRS where I am and we all know the performance of that is abysmal.  Lucky … Continue reading SBS2008 Remote Web Workplace Rocks!

SBS2008 Exam – 70-653 Passed today.

Body: Today I finally made time to sit the 70-653 SBS 2008 Exam.  They allow 140 minutes for the exam all up – I was done in 25 minutes.  I got a score of 964 and of the 50 questions, I suspect I got two wrong.  Both One question was linked to Mobility options in Exchange 2007 rather than SBS 2008 specific things and the other was in migration (which I didn’t think had a 100% correct answer) so I feel pretty good about that.  All in all I felt the exam was pretty real world and the training I’ve … Continue reading SBS2008 Exam – 70-653 Passed today.

SBS 2008 Repair Scenarios

Body: It must be a coincidence this week that Microsoft have started to release the documentation on what they call the “repair scenarios”.  These documents are designed to assist us in repairing SBS 2008 in scenarios where components have been uninstalled, corrupt or otherwise rendered useless by some user messing with things too much.  You can access the documents here I say it’s a coincidence, as over the last two weeks, I’ve seen scenarios where people are pushing the limits of the SBS 2008 product.  They are pushing the limits by trying to bend it into things it was … Continue reading SBS 2008 Repair Scenarios

SBS Migration Documents Updated

Body: As announced back in December, the online version of the SBS 2008 Migration documents has been updated.  The downloadable version is also now updated – here are the links. SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 SBS 2008 to SBS 2008   Both versions are now at v1.2 in case you are wondering. Category: SBS 2008 / Cougar Published: 7/01/2009 9:28 AM

SBS 2008 Administrators Pocket Consultant

Body: I’ve not written about this before, but long story short, Microsoft Press and I have parted ways with my work on the SBS 2008 Administrators Pocket Consultant.  I won’t go into the details, but will say that it was due to a difference of opinion on things combined with some very personal factors in my private life that lead to the decision.  I’ve retained full ownership of the content I had done at that time (approximately half the book is completed).  I noticed this week that Amazon is listing the book with myself and Susan Bradley as authors and … Continue reading SBS 2008 Administrators Pocket Consultant

SBS 2008 Migration Documents – UPDATED

Body: Today Microsoft released the latest revision of their SBS 2008 Migration documents.  You can access them here NOTE that this is only the ONLINE documentation that is updated. The downloadable copy of the document is NOT updated at this time. Category: SBS 2008 / Cougar Published: 5/12/2008 9:37 AM

It’s official – SBS 2008 Premium – Second Server CAN be downgraded to Windows 2003 R2

Body: I few weeks back I blogged that the SBS team were working on providing downgrade rights for the 2nd server in the SBS 2008 Premium product to Windows Server 2003 R2 – well it’s official now. Its official !  They will offer Alternative Version rights – see here for details – Component compatibility for maximum flexibility When you purchase the premium edition of Windows Small Business Server 2008 or Windows Essential Business Server 2008 you have a choice to deploy these products: · Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard x86 and x64 platforms are available … Continue reading It’s official – SBS 2008 Premium – Second Server CAN be downgraded to Windows 2003 R2

SBS 2008 Virus Protection Options

Body: Today Microsoft announced the death of Windows One Care including OneCare for Server which comes as a trial product for SBS 2008.  See here for a blog on how it affects SBS 2008. So what then do you use to protect your SBS 2008 server?  Well fortunately TrendMicro release yesterday their Worry-Free Business Security suite for SBS 2008 which also works on EBS 2008.  You can download a trial of their here I’ll shortly have my guide to installing Trend WFBS on SBS 2003, SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 available for those that want it. Category: SBS 2008 / … Continue reading SBS 2008 Virus Protection Options

SBS 2008 Migration – it’s NOT A WIZARD

Body: I’ve been thinking long and hard about this. I believe that the SBS 2008 Migration Wizard is incorrectly named.  Therein lies a major problem.  Microsoft have trained us to become accustomed to wizards doing all the right things for them. They’ve trained us to believe that if we follow the wizard that we can put our brain into idle mode and let the system do the rest for us. BZZZZTTT WRONG. In reality, the SBS 2008 Migration wizard cannot do that.  It NEVER could given the wide variety of issues that can and will occur in real world scenarios.  … Continue reading SBS 2008 Migration – it’s NOT A WIZARD