Darwin Special MS Partner / End User Presentation

I’ve just returned from a quick trip to Darwin – my first visit there.  Man was it hot… we landed at 10:35pm at night and it was still 30c outside and sticky.  I was asked to be involved with Microsoft in presenting to the reseller community in Darwin about SBS – do a summary of the 2 hour network build and also present my spin on Dean Calverts excellent session on how he builds his business around SBS 2003 and a session on mobility around SBS 2003.  What I learned going over Deans presentation was that we do many things … Continue reading Darwin Special MS Partner / End User Presentation

I’m an MCSE – why should I sit the 70-282 exam…

Ok – at conferences you overhear many conversations.  One I heard yesterday, just made me mad.  Typical of some people though.  Two guys – they were MCSEs and had many enterprise clients.  They were looking at the new Small Business Specialist program and were trying to understand what value it had to them.  They are registered partners and MCSEs.  Their question was why should they have to sit the 70-282 exam and take all that time out of their business to study for it.  Surely given that they had their MCSE meant that they could handle the lowly SBS server … Continue reading I’m an MCSE – why should I sit the 70-282 exam…

How to build a network in 2 hours – right across Australia

I’m currently touring Australia over the next few weeks with Microsoft presenting in their Microsoft for Partners roadshow.  The session I am presenting is based on feedback from the community.  The community has been saying that they want to see more hands on / real world stuff in the roadshows.  The roadshows are in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane over the month of November. http://www.microsoft.com/australia/partner/events/mfproadshow/default.aspx will get you registered if you are an MS Partner of any type.  The target is that we will take two systems – a desktop and server from HP and within 2 hours, build an … Continue reading How to build a network in 2 hours – right across Australia

First ever SBS wedding at the MVP Summit?

Yes – that’s right, you heard it here first. At the MVP Summit in Redmond, that Ms Susan Bradley and Mr Steve Foster both SBS MVPs are rumoured to have gotten married.  Due to NDA I can’t say any more on this – but I suggest you ask Susan about it via her blog 😉   http://msmvps.com/bradley/  

SMB Nation 2004 – The pictures got out….

Ok – so Harry’s latest newsletter has the pictures of the various speakers at SMB Nation in …. Now here’s the challenge – come up with the funniest caption for each of the speakers. Here’s a few to get you all started… Susan Bradleys – “YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN PATCHING – wheres my 2×4” Thomas Shinder – “well these 2 nuts walk into a bar….“ (you had to be there) Jeff Middleton – “gee it really is high up here“ Anne Stanton – “My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we … Continue reading SMB Nation 2004 – The pictures got out….

Home now – thanks Qantas

After a 14hour flight from LAX to Sydney I am home.  Whilst it’s lots of fun to travel and visit new places, see old friends and so on, there is nothing like jumping into your car and getting back into the swing of things.  I’ve got to say that I love using my flyer points to get upgrades – and on this trip I was fortunate enough to get upgrades to Business class on both to and from the USA which is real value.  Qantas has installed these new seats into their business class sections called the Skybed – these … Continue reading Home now – thanks Qantas

Dinner with geeks

Last night (my last in Seattle) I was fortunate enough to have dinner with a few of the SBS Dev team Alan Bilharz and Sean Daniel – both product managers for various sections of SBS and a few other people.  We went to the Icon Grill which was an excellent restaurant.  What amazed me the most was the deserts – I had this enormous slice of Texas Funeral Fudge Cake and I swear I was going to die just trying to get through it.  The cake was about 7-8inches high and rich chocolate.  I would seriously recommend a visit to the … Continue reading Dinner with geeks

So this is my blog…

OK – I never really got blogs until the last few days. I’ve been in Seattle, WA since before the Labor day weekend.  I had decided earlier this year that I was tired of going to conferences and just seeing the inside of the conference venue and the hotel, so this time I took some time to go relax and look around Seattle.  I had originally planned to only come in a few days before the conference (SMB Nation 2004) and then leave a few days after it.  Luckily I was told that the Monday was the labor day holiday … Continue reading So this is my blog…