PC Authority starts up a Business Section

Body: Respected publication PC Authority, today launched a Business Technology Centre. I was fortunate enough to be able to pen a few words on my thoughts for 2009 in an article here. Keen for feedback as always. Published: 3/02/2009 3:21 PM Attachments: http://blog.sbsfaq.com/Lists/Posts/Attachments/292/image_2_21363002.pnghttp://blog.sbsfaq.com/Lists/Posts/Attachments/292/image_thumb_0C44AD8F.png

The shape of things to come

Body: It’s been a long time coming, but I’m currently rebuilding my main website (www.sbsfaq.com) and this blog onto a new platform. Yes – I will be moving away from a SharePoint based website and onto another platform.  I’ve tried hard to push SharePoint to do what I want but ultimately I need to admit that I don’t have the graphic or web design skills it takes to make it look as good as it should, nor convey the information in the easiest way for you the reader to find and consume.  The image below is a sneak peek at … Continue reading The shape of things to come

Discounted MS Certification Vouchers

Body: Certification by sitting through the Microsoft exams is one way to prove a certain level of knowledge to the world.  Personally I’ve always maintained that passing an exam alone is not proof that you know what you are doing, but that it needs to be mixed with real world / practical experience.  Enough of that though.  Via the MVP program, I and other MVPs have been given the chance to offer discounted MCP Testing Vouchers.  From now till March 31, 2009, you can use this Promotion Code to obtain a Microsoft Certification Exam Voucher Code at a 10% discount … Continue reading Discounted MS Certification Vouchers

A little known Exchange 2007 secret

Body: I learned something cool when I was in the USA last time. When you have an Exchange 2007 system connected to Exchange 2003, you get the following Exchange 2007 Administrative Group and the Exchange Routing Group to connect the systems together. You are also warned not to change the name of the Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT) or the Exchange Routing Group (DWBGZMFD01QNBJR) What I didn’t know is that these “random characters” are in fact codes. A simple letter substitution reveals that FYDIBOHF23SPDLT is in fact EXCHANGE12ROCKS and that DWBGZMFD01QNBJR is in fact EXCHANGE12ROCKS Cool huh… right in front of … Continue reading A little known Exchange 2007 secret

Insane November is over…

Body: Yes – November is over and I feel somewhat relieved.  It’s been a mad month this month but I’ve got to say that I’ve really enjoyed it a lot.  I’ve visited Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth once each. Brisbane twice and Adelaide three times (twice this week alone).  I’ve presented / trained many people on SBS 2008 and EBS 2008.  I’ve done two webcasts, one to the entire channel and another for Dell to bring them up to speed.  I’ve also done a heap of training sessions one on one with some of the largest OEMs, Distributors and Partners here … Continue reading Insane November is over…

HP Configuraider to return!

Body: For those of us in Australia, we’ve been bemoaning to HP about the loss of this excellent tool that they have had now for many years.  Well – I ‘”believe” that shortly we will find that this decision will be reversed and that based on input from the community which are the SMB IT Professionals / SBS Groups of Australia, that HP are listening to us and the feedback we’ve given.  Poor old Deke from HP has taken more than his fair share of a beating from the community over the last few weeks and yet he keeps coming … Continue reading HP Configuraider to return!

SBS2008 – Exchange 2007 Mail Store Size

Body: I need to make a correction.  I’ve been aware of the fact that Exchange 2007 Standard Edition which is part of both SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 has an “unlimited” mail store size.  Now I’ve also been aware of the fact that Exchange 2007 Standard Edition can have up to 5 Storage Groups with up to 5 Mailbox Stores in each Storage Group. Further more each Mailbox Store can be up to 16TB in size.  Now the bit where I have been incorrect is that I’ve stated that you can have 5 Mailbox Stores in EACH of the 5 … Continue reading SBS2008 – Exchange 2007 Mail Store Size

The Internet must be down…

Body: I’m travelling right now as part of the SBS / SMB IT Professionals Group tour here in Australia, and I’ve just spent a nice relaxing weekend doing pretty much nothing at all.  I’ve caught up with friends here in Perth, watched a bit of TV and a few movies and slept…. a lot!  So it was a surprise this morning when I went to chat to Susan Bradley on MSN IM and found that she herself was offline.  What is the world coming to when “THE Susan Bradley” is offline!  Maybe, just maybe Susan has had some nice relaxing … Continue reading The Internet must be down…

“there wasn’t much real Microsoft content that hadn’t been released already”

Body: The comment above came from Hilton Travis, and was used in the context where he was referring to the SBS/EBS Virtual Launch event that Microsoft conducted on November 12th, 2008.  This blog post is not to pick on Hilton, but to use his comments as an example.  It’s a comment I’ve heard more than a few times now about the information being released around SBS 2008 and EBS 2008. So we have JUST had the launch of the product here in Australia this week. The next version has been 5 years coming, and people have been wanting information for … Continue reading “there wasn’t much real Microsoft content that hadn’t been released already”

SMB IT Professionals – Perth

Body: The Perth SBS / SMB IT Group had it’s first meeting back in June, but since then due to my workload, I’ve not been able to help them get off the ground.  I’m here in Perth for a few days now and after dinner with a few of the locals last night, I’m pleased to announce that the Perth group is indeed getting off the ground. Jason Jordan from PCGuru and Matt Lansdown from Accord will be the initial group leaders and to help them we have Erle Metcalfe and Adam Garnault.  We’re having a meeting here in Perth … Continue reading SMB IT Professionals – Perth