How long to stay in Las Vegas

Well I am making back to back trips to Las Vegas, maybe I should just stay there :>) First I am heading to the GFI MAX US Conference to hang out with my old pal MAX Click the logo for direct registration link, Septemeber 23-24, 2013 and then shortly after returning home turning around and heading […]

SA Make Good is Good Now, Thank You Microsoft

A few weeks ago after working behind the scenes for months with The Susan Bradley and a number of the other MVP’s I became frustrated and and wrote THIS POST, calling Microsoft out on the carpet for an SA make good that we did not feel made us whole.
I am very happy to report that […]

CAUTION before you buy a Pride Mobility Product

Apparently Pride Mobility is not very proud of their products. As a matter of fact they do not even cover labor under their warranty, even for brand new items that do not work correctly. Apparently they are aware of how unreliable they can be and do not want to be responsible for the lack of […]

SBS SA Make-Good is NOT, Microsoft should be ashamed of itself.

Let me start off with a sincere apology to anyone who took my advice over the years and bought SA for their SBS licenses. In the past when Microsoft killed off a product that had SA on it, there was a reasonable make good offer made. Some offering that would let you continue to run your infrastructure mostly uninterrupted. Not so in the case of the SBS make good.

Microsoft announces RTM of W12 Essentials Today

Got this note from from Dave Seibert and thought I would share it since he took the time to list all the links, Thx Dave!
Microsoft announces RTM of W12 Essentials. Several MS documents have also been revised or updated with the latest W12 Essentials information.
Here are a few highlights & linked docs to share with […]

Windows 8 To Go Gottcha to watch for!

Windows To Go was a new feature introduced in Windows 7, it is really handy way to carry a secure copy of the operating system around with you. You just plug your boot-able thumb drive into a handy computer, reboot it and all your private information a history stays on the thumb drive not on the computer […]

SBS may have been EOL’d but not HA (yet)

Just heard I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP for Small Business Server for the tenth year running. I would like to thank all of you that belong to the SMB Community for helping to make it something I enjoy being part of and supporting so much to enable me to qualify for this award repeatedly! […]

Inaugural meeting of the Greater Charlotte Chapter IAMCP

Come join us next Tuesday for the inaugural meeting of the Greater Charlotte Chapter IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners).   We will launch this group in true form with valuable partner networking and a great presentation on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 by Microsoft Sr. IT Pro Evangelist Yung Chou. 
Visitors are welcome to join […]