Wami 0.1 released

Where Am I, a Windows Mobile app that I was working on, is now available for download. You can get the binaries from http://www.codeplex.com/wami. There is still a lot of fit and finish work to be done, but with the core functionality working fine, I decided to let it out in the wild and get some feedback.

There is RouteLogger.exe, which runs on the mobile phone and records cell broadcast information to a log file, along with the time interval between successive broadcasts. RouteEditor.exe, which runs on the PC, allows you to group the logged location information into names of places that you can recognize readily. RouteEditor saves the information into route files, which can then be loaded by wami.exe, running on the mobile phone. Wami gets the current cell broadcast location, indexes into the route information, and estimates the time needed to reach the final destination and intermediate points along the way.

Oh, and Wami is open source, so you can take a peek at the source code if you’re interested. This being my first Windows Mobile app, your comments about the application, its usability and the source code are most welcome.

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