I’ll bet a hundred bucks that any entry level C++ interview or exam will somehow drift into questions about the pre and post increment operators. It’s almost become a canonical, rite of passage sort of thing. Now using the operators is one thing, overloading them for your own types is another. In C++, you write something like class X { int val; public: X() : val(0){ } X operator++() { val++; return *this; } X operator++(int) { X pX = *this; val++; return pX; }; int Value() { return val; } }; Fairly straightforward stuff – C++ uses the int … Continue reading Confusion++

Writing your own SkypeBot

If you use Skype, do you know that you can program against it? Head over to if you’re interested. There’s a COM API, one for Java and even one for Python. Just to show how easy it is, we’ll write a bot in .NET that will simply echo whatever is sent to it. You first need to download Skype4COM, a COM library provided by Skype developers to control Skype. Create a WinForms application in your favorite version of Visual Studio (>= 2005), and in the default Form class, paste the following piece of code public partial class MainForm : … Continue reading Writing your own SkypeBot