WinMacro 2.0 beta released

WinMacro is a tiny little application that can record and replay keyboard and mouse actions that you do on your Windows desktop. It’s similar to the macro facility in Word and Excel, but works across applications.

I wrote the initial version nearly 5 years back, and it proved to be very popular, with approximately 30000 downloads and tons of email from users. Most of the emails were appreciative, and some of them touching, especially those that described how WinMacro was helping people do a better job in fields ranging from cancer research to network testing.

There were quite a few feature requests and bug reports too. WinMacro 2.0 (Beta) ( attempts to addresses some of them. The list of new features is available in the download page.

That apart, it was “interesting” to look at code I’d written 5 years ago. I found it positively revolting, to say the least. Lots of copy pasted code, no error handling and plenty of global variables and convoluted code made it scored very heavily in the WTF scale. And this was code I was rather proud of, at that time.

On the flip side, the fact that I found my old code disgusting means I’ve improved my coding skills enough to make that code look terrible. But that is still relative improvement though, it remains to be seen how much I score on the absolute WTF scale, if there is one 🙂

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