Naggy : Live compiler diagnostics in AVR Studio!

If you’ve programmed in any managed language in Visual Studio, you’d have definitely seen those nagging red squiggles that appear as you type, telling you just how dumb you are, every time you pause typing. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve personally found them very useful; they save quite a few compile-groan-swear-fix-compile cycles.

So I decided to write a similar “squiggly generator” for AVR Studio 5, the product that I’m working on with a bunch of other guys. Naggy is what I call it, and it is a VSIX extension that installs into AVR Studio 5. You can download it from here. Naggy is open source (MIT License), and the source code is available at

Mandatory screenshot:


Naggy uses Clang under the hood to do the actual source code analysis, and uses the diagnostic information provided by it to tag appropriate text spans in the editor with the red squiggles. The diagnostic message is shown as a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the squiggle. In a sense, Naggy is little more than a wrapper for Clang – it visually shows what Clang finds. There are a few tricky things to deal with though, like reading toolchain and compiler flags from AVR Studio and passing them on to Clang.

As its version number (0.1) indicates, it is still a very raw product (see issues). In case you run into problems, you can always do Tools –> Extension Manager –> Naggy –> Disable (or Uninstall).

Any feedback is good feedback, so good or bad, do let me know about it. I’m planning to also integrate the static analysis features offered by Clang into AVR Studio, and it all depends on whether people actually find this useful.

2 thoughts on “Naggy : Live compiler diagnostics in AVR Studio!

  1. Great Idea and I’m curious to try it. But it is not possible to install it if only Atmel Studio 6 is installed. I don’t have AVR Studio 5.x installed any longer and the installaion of this extension is prevented by this message:

    “This extension is not installable on any currently installed products”




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