More greasemonkeying with IRCTC

I’m glad that a lot of people found AJAXAvailability useful. For people who haven’t heard about it, AJAXAvailability is a Greasemonkey script for IRCTC’s website that loads availability information asynchronously and shows it in the availability table, right alongside the list of trains (more information here). Mani suggested that the ability to sort the availability table based on departure time would be useful. That seemed like a nice idea, so here it is – SortItOut, a Greasemonkey script that modifies the availability table and makes the header texts clickable. Clicking on one of the headers, say “Departure time”, sorts the … Continue reading More greasemonkeying with IRCTC

Greasemonkeying around with IRCTC

[Update 3/6/2010: Updated the script to handle availability URL change by IRCTC developers. If you’ve already installed the script, uninstall it (Tools->Greasemonkey->ManageUserScripts, select AJAXAvailability and click Uninstall), and install the updated script from the same location (] For those of you who have not heard about Greasemonkey, it is a Firefox extension that “allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript.”.  IRCTC ( is Indian Railways’s website for booking tickets. While a huge improvement over standing in queue at railway stations, I would not consider it to be a well designed site – it … Continue reading Greasemonkeying around with IRCTC