MOSS 2007 – Save site as a template missing

This is just a quick one for Tony.  😉

If you are trying to save a site as a template in WSS v3 or MOSS 2007 you will find that the link “Save site as template” is only available under Look and Feel at the Top Level of the site collection.  Doesn’t really help if you want to save a sub site as a template now does it?  If you would like to save a sub site as a template you need to append _layouts/savetmpl.aspx to your sub sites url.  I am guessing Microsoft just forgot this link and it will be around by the time we go RTM.

So just to make it clear.  If your subsite is

You would go to

and then you would be able to save the site as a template.

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  1.   Tony Bierman on July 30th, 2006          Reply


    Here’s an article I threw together on developing a simple Feature that will add the “Save site as template” link to the Look and Feel menu on Site Settings pages for you.

  2.   Renaud Comte on July 31st, 2006          Reply

    Oup’s , i just discover the link of Tony

    In fact, i made the same job but with a site collection focus (with hidinig the original) and some install bat

    Anyway : two feature is better than just one 😀

  3.   Manish Agrawal on September 6th, 2006          Reply


    Thanks for sharing the information. Now I am able to save Sub-sites as Template.

    But while doing this I came accross yet another problem. Following are the details of steps I did:
    1. I created a Site under a Site-Collection using “Wiki Site” Template,
    2. Then I saved the Sub-Site as Template,
    3. In the same Site-Collection, I started creating new Sub-Site this time using the template I saved.
    Cannot open “Test/Wiki Pages/Home.aspx”: no such file or folder.

    Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services.

    Where as when I tried doing the same steps with “Blog” template instead of “Wiki Site” (Mentioned in Step 1) everything worked fine.

    That means there is some problem in the “Wiki Site” Template.

    It will be great if you can give some solution to this problem in this post as it is related to saving of site templates.


  4.   S.S. Ahmed on October 22nd, 2006          Reply

    Nice tip!


    S.S. Ahmed

  5.   Tom Short on June 1st, 2007          Reply

    I still have the same issue in RTM release….Oops

  6.   Hannah on October 2nd, 2007          Reply

    Thanks, this is a really useful tip!

  7.   santhakumar on November 20th, 2007          Reply

    Pl send articles for how to imports the saved site’s(Template).

  8.   Sunil on December 26th, 2007          Reply


    I created a site template (after applying the hotfix) and restored the same to a newly created site. It works fine if the content is not included. But, the problem is that if the ‘Include Content’ is selected and if a list is having a column type as User or Group then the information is not displayed in the list items. Does anyone have pointers in this regards? Please help.


  9.   Brad on February 7th, 2008          Reply

    Doesn’t anyone else run into this issue? I do, but the proposed solution here doesn’t work for me.

  10.   Chris on August 27th, 2008          Reply

    Slick- I’ve been used to the “paste a /_layouts/1033/…” trick in SharePoint 2003 for certain operations (like managing the Site Users for a specific WSS site).

    This info and technique is a good find- I just used it to create some templates for a few MOSS web applications.


  11.   Robn on October 3rd, 2008          Reply

    Great, thanks. Thats twice I’ve needed this from your site.

  12.   ff on September 7th, 2009          Reply


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  14.   Valerio-Attilio on May 18th, 2010          Reply

    Great Stuff

  15.   Michael West on June 4th, 2010          Reply

    Can you specify where the templates are saved? Does the user need to be a site admin or developer to save the templates? I have a user that has full control to a subsite and has full control but is not part of the site admin group, is there a workaround for this?

  16.   Joe on August 24th, 2010          Reply

    Thanks for the tip!

  17.   Carolyn on December 23rd, 2010          Reply

    Is there anyway to save a Page as a template for re-use?

  18.   Verschaeve Kurt on January 5th, 2011          Reply

    > I am guessing Microsoft just forgot
    > this link and it will be around by
    > the time we go RTM.

    Well, even after 4 years, this is still the case.
    Thanks for the info.

  19.   Shelley on January 26th, 2011          Reply

    I have tried this but it does not work for me I am using SP2007 and when i follow the steps i get the error message “‘urlname’ contains illegal character’/’. have tried losing / but does not resolve…. dont know what to do next, help???

  20.   Raj on July 2nd, 2011          Reply

    Thanks for tip. its working……:)

  21.   Marc Ryan on September 20th, 2011          Reply

    Nice tip. Thanks.

  22.   TF on March 30th, 2012          Reply

    Thanks, saved me a lot of work there 🙂

  23.   Ank on April 25th, 2012          Reply

    Got an error while saving template with content.Error creating solution. The maximum total file size limit (52428800 bytes) has been exceeded.
    How to increase the limit?
    Thanks in advance.

  24.   zedd on April 19th, 2013          Reply

    So good !!!! It’s works !! You’ve just saved my life !

  25.   Jan on May 30th, 2013          Reply

    This worked great. The only other thing you need to do that wasn’t meinotned above is go to services in CA and make sure the user profile service is started.

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